Thursday 24 January 2019

Renowned Donabate Dramatic Society set to open new show

Members of the renowned Donabate Portrane Dramatic Society are getting ready to thread the boards once again.

Their latest production has been written by Seamus O'Rourke and it is a clever, witting alternative piece looking into the heart of Irish family life.

It tells the a modern tale centred around the The Trappe clan who come together every year in a positively wacky service to remember their departed father, whose death involved falling from a roof in mid summer whilst taking down a Christmas tree.

At the head of the family is Mammy, played by Noelle Corcoran, who despite her physical immobility is nonetheless able to make the journey to the rooftop each year.

Her youngest son Patrick, played by Julian Nolan, tells us that this journey is possible due to the presence of a mysterious 'white angel' who arrives regularly to support Mammy.

His three older siblings Freddie (Michael O'Dea), Joseph (Michael Keogh), and Majella (Lorraine Halpin) struggle to make sense of how this angel flies into the heart of this entirely dysfunction but nonetheless hilarious family.

At the centre of the play are serious themes such as addiction, vulnerability, avoidance and how our background defines who we are.

All wrapped with absolute hilarity and genius one liners, this play will leave you thinking long after you've left the audience. Be warned, however that O Rourke's piece is gritty and modern and as such those offended by strong language may not enjoy this play.

Directed by the experienced Lisa Buckley this play brings together experienced actors alongside some new talents. It runs from May 4 to 6 at Donabate Community College at 8pm. Tickets cost €10 and are available at the door.

Fingal Independent