Thursday 20 June 2019

Portmarnock group High Rock have hit comedy show in Dublin city

High Rock Productions from Portmarnock have a comedy hit in the city
High Rock Productions from Portmarnock have a comedy hit in the city

Ken Phelan

Portmarnock-based theatre company High Rock Productions are back this Summer with their hit comedy sketch show, 'Ireland: A Survivor's Guide.'

The show has been running in the International Bar in Dublin City Centre for three summers, but following a big jump in demand, the theatre company has added The Sugar Club as a second venue for afternoon shows in July.

The show has been described as 'an energetic, inventive physical comedy show', and has been well received by tourists and locals alike.

'The feedback has been fantastic', said Seán McDonagh of High Rock Productions. 'We hit the number one show spot on Tripadvisor by the end of last summer based on the brilliant reviews. We don't run during the winter, so we'll be looking to get back that top spot again this year.'

He said: 'We've more groups booking in every year, and it was becoming a little bit cosy in the International, so we've partnered up with the Sugar Club for some afternoon shows in July.'

The High Rock brothers have expanded their team this year as well, and the show will be performed by a team of six actors in rotation.

Seán said: 'The show is very physical, and we are programming a lot of shows, so we felt it would be best to have a group of people to draw from.

'We were also really keen to develop new material to improve the show. Niall and I have been working together so long, it was brilliant to get working on new ideas with new people.'

He expalined: 'Unfortunately, we had too many people to rehearse in my mams back room in Portmarnock, so we moved to a rehearsal space in town. But we miss the Mam's soup terribly!'

'Ireland: A Survivor's Guide' opens on June 11 in the International Bar - booking information can be found for the show on

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