Saturday 21 April 2018

Portmarnock author releases second novel

Portmarnock author Joan Brady
Portmarnock author Joan Brady

A Portmarnock author has published her second novel where she looks at the world of self-help and asks the question, can self-help work when you need to reinvent your life?

In her second novel, Reinventing Susannah, Portmarnock author, Joan Brady looks at the world of self-help as the central character of the novel, Susannah Stevens and her young boss, Katie Corrigan try to navigate the trials of love and life with the help of Susannah's new job as a 'mind, body and spirit writer' at a daily newspaper.

Speaking about the new novel, Joan said: 'Then years of unabashed navel gazing, meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, training my brain, cognitive behaviour therapy and common-or-garden talk therapy gave me an insight into the ever-popular world of self-help.

'I became fascinated with it all and combing that with my love of writing, sparked the inspiration for 'Reinventing Susannah'.

'I thought it would be fun to put a fictional character into that world and see what she discovered.'

The new book by the Portmarnock author has arrived to rave reviews with the Sunday Independent calling it 'funny and fast-paced' while the Irish Independent called it 'hard to put down' and the Evening Echo said it the writing was 'sharp and succinct, making every word, line and chapter worthwhile'.

Joan Brady started her writing career as features writer and columnist for the Irish Independent and Evening Herald and she later worked as a radio producer in RTE.

She is the author of The Cinderella Reflex and Reinventing Susannah is her second novel. Both books have been published by Poolbeg.

When her first novel 'The Cinderella Reflex' was published, the Pormarnock author told the Fingal Independent her 'big dream has finally come true,' becoming a published author and ticking off one of the many achievements on her Bucket List.

By the time her first book had reached book shelves, Joan had already completed her second book 'Reinventing Suzanne' which is now on the shelves of your local book shop.

With a third book on the way, Joan credits a course called 'Finish Your Book' at the Irish Writer's Centre for finally helping her accomplish her dream of becoming a published novelist.

Joan is originally from Cabra but has been living in Portmarnock for a long time with her husband Dave O'Connor and daughter Jane.

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