Wednesday 22 May 2019

Plein Air Festival brings artists to explore Fingal

Artists and their easels have been a common sight across Fingal in the last week as the second Dublin Plein Air festival saw dozens of artists unleashed across the county to capture the beauty of fair Fingal.

After a launch party at County Hall in Swords, the participating artists set off across the county capturing landscapes and seascapes all over Fingal.

The festival is the brainchild of Skerries artist, Paul D'Arcy, who is a huge fan and promoter of the 'Plein Air' movement which encourages artists to paint outdoors and capture a real moment on canvas rather on relying on photographs for their landscape work.

The festival got off to a great start last year with the support of Fingal county council and is growing faster than expected,' says its founder and Skerries artist, Paul D'Arcy.

Festival founder, Paul D'Arcy said: 'This year we had some very impressive artists doing our workshops including the famous American plein air painter, Sunny Apinchapong Yang who we have flown in from California especially for the week long festival.

'Sunny is one of California's most celebrated impressionist and plein air painters. He is internationally recognised and is represented by many galleries. He has also worked for several animation studios such as Disney, Dreamworks, Sony and Don Bluth.'

The festival also attracted some of our own home-grown famous artists hosting workshops, including Norman Teeling, Blaise Smith RHA, John Dinan, Dave west, and Kate Kos.

Explaining the attraction of festivals like these to established and emerging artists, Paul said: 'Festivals like this are the ideal opportunity for artists of all talents to learn from the masters.'

Talking about what artists hoped to capture as they set out on their artistic adventure across Fingal, Paul said: 'As with the previous year, the focus was enjoying Fingal's beautiful scenery, making friends and painting outdoors.'

the festival in June 2018 from Monday, June 18 to Sunday 24.

The 'Plein Air' movement encourages artist both amateur and professional to leave the studio and paint out in the open with the landscape stretching out in front of them and the weather changing above their heads. A 'Plein Air' festival has been running successfully in Wexford for more than a decade and last year, Paul D'Arcy brought the idea to Fingal for the first time,

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