Saturday 19 October 2019

Local songwriters are showcased at Swords 'Tiny Music Club' night

It was another great night showcasing local songwriting talent at the Tiny Music Club in Swords recently as this new club night, still in its infancy, grows in popularity in the town.

The night featured the talents of Eoin O'Siochru, Sea High, Mark Flynn and Tommy G and of course, regular house band, Ginfinger.

The latest regular night of live music in Swords was born in Vietnam inside the head of a local musician and gig promoter who with the help of two other local musicians, has brought 'The Tiny Music Club' back home.

The other Tiny Music Club is in a bar and restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam where Swords musician, John Crossan was playing.

John remembered the venue which has inspired his latest musical adventure, saying: 'I went over for two months initially, just doing the normal thing of travelling around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam but instead of coming home after the two months, myself and the girl I was playing music at the time, Ray Dignam, went to Cambodia to live on an island.

'We lived on the island for six months and then on the mainland for another four. We were just playing music and working on a boat and then we moved to Vietnam to teach English and we recorded an album there.'

He explained 'We played the Hanoi Social Club three or four times and I just loved it. It was one of the best gigs I ever played. It was upstairs in this beautiful restaurant, in this beautiful ex-Soviet building - it felt like you were going back 60 years when you walked in.'

The small audience was held in wrapped attention at music in the club and John joked : 'You could hear a bee farting. It was that quiet, when people played.'

There was something about the atmosphere of the place and also the rule that at the end of the night, that all the musicians playing would get together to end the evening with a giant jam session, that John wanted to bring back home.

So he approached the owner of the venue and asked if he could use the name for a similar night back home. John said 'I asked the owner if we could use the name and he had no problem with it because obviously we are not competing.'

Sean Farrell and Podge Gleeson completed the trio that would take the idea back to Ireland and to Swords.

So cut to last December, all three local lads are back in the country and they set about establishing their own 'Tiny Music Club' in Swords.

They found a home at Room 12 in the heart of Swords and began a twice-monthly night of live, original music, written and performed by local artists, in March and the night has been thriving ever since. John reckons there was a thirst for a night like this in Swords since the regular Chandelier Sessions, which he was also a founder of, took an extended break from the local scene.

The next Tiny Music Club takes place at Room 12 on September 6 and will feature the talents of Katie Cassidy, Keith Corssan, Ivan Nicholas and Chloe Reilly so go along and sample the unique atmosphere.

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