Tuesday 21 May 2019

Local filmmaker brings movie shot in Swords to Savoy screen

John Manning

A local filmmaker and writer has seen his latest film, which was almost entirely shot in Swords, make it's big screen debut at the iconic Savoy cinema in Dublin city.

'Life's Shadows' is the story of two brothers and a sister whose lives have been turned upside down by events in their earlier lives.

The brothers were put into care and were abused in different ways.

The sister had a child taken from her because she was unable to cope with her situation.

According to local filmmaker, Brian Gilloughley, the story 'shows that there is darkness and light in all our lives' -- hence the film's title.

Brian Gilloughley is well known locally for his various creative endeavours and in his new film, 'Life's Shadows', he tells the harrowing but all too familiar Irish story of three siblings who are sent to an orphanage where one of the three is later abused.

The film, which was almost entirely shot in Swords, is set in the 1940s and tells the story of two brothers and a sister who are sent to an orphanage. The sister is abused and becomes pregnant.

The story follows the three siblings later in life as they put their lives together and re-establish contact with each other and combine in a search for the sister's child.

It's a tale of love, loyalty and the search for truth and a moving story that is sadly, all too familiar to many in Ireland.

Although the film deals with a dark subject, it is treated with a light touch and there's a happy ending to leave the viewer uplifted and optimistic at the end of the tale.

Brian succeeded in getting a stellar cast for this low-budget film and a familiar face among the cast members is that of Dave Duffy who plays Leo Dowling in Fair City. The local filmmaker is now hoping that the film might be picked up for television by RTE or another channel, interested in bringing this great story to a larger audience.

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