Wednesday 16 October 2019

Lightning Comedy for little Zoe's Magic Wand

Lightning Comedy returned at the weekend to The Betsy in Swords for another rip-roaring night of laughter with your local award-winning playwright David Gilna as your Host.

Headlining the show was local impressionist Al Foran , Aoife Dooley, including international talent Mustafa Saed, local comedian Robbie Forde , Amy Walsh , Ruth Hurl & John O'Keeffe .

The night was in a great cause, and all the proceeds when to the Zoe's Magic Wand appeal.

All in Aid of Zoe's Magic Wand

Zoe is a brave little girl from Swords, currently undergoing treatment for a rare form of brain tumour, continues to shine in the face of adversity, despite a number of invasive surgeries and procedures.

Speaking to The Fingal Independent recently, Zoe's mum Carmel O'Mahoney explained: 'On the twenty third of July, she had major brain surgery to have a tumour removed, and the surgeon got the majority of it. A small bit showed up on the post-op MRI, so that was taken out yesterday, and the tumour is taken out fully now.

'In between the first brain surgery and the second, she developed CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) meningitis, which is an infection that can happen after surgery, so she's been on antibiotics for that.'

The Swords mum said: 'We were just completely blindsided... we were just completely shocked and we were on auto-pilot for about a week.'

The community have rallied around the family as they seek treatment for Zoe abroad and David Gilna decided to do his part by donating the proceeds of the night to that appeal for little Zoe.

Fingal Independent