Wednesday 22 May 2019

Lauren crowned as the 30th Young Musician of the Year

Swords Streets

In its 30th year, the Swords Young Musican of the Year competition has crowned its latest winner.

Lauren Smyth has been named as this year's Swords Young Musician of the Year.

She started studying the violin many years ago while attending Rolestown National School when her teacher Bjarke Gundersen approached the school with a view to teaching there.

Through her young life she has tried many hobbies such as Sports and Dancing but nothing appealed to her as much as the violin.

Lauren is now looking to college and pursuing a career in Maths and Physics but despite the academic path she is about to take, she has no intention of laying down her violin.

She hopes to continue her lessons with Bjarke as she finds her music both relaxing and stimulating.

Now in its 30th year, the competition is open to young musicians from 'Junior' to 21 from the Swords electoral area, who wish to showcase their musical talents and win the esteemed title of 'Young Musician of the Year.'

Chairman of the event committee Tim Ryan said: 'We've had various successes of people who have won the competition over the years, and have had various people who participated in the Young Musician going on to do music as a career.'

Congratulations to Lauren on being the latest winner of the coveted title.

Fingal Independent