Monday 19 August 2019

Jean ready for big exhibition start next week

Jean Lowndes
Jean Lowndes

A local artist from Fingal is about to mount a major exhibition and is painting her way to success with her unique artistic style, proving that creative flair and talent are far more important than having a diploma in art school.

Jean Lowndes, from Rolestown began painting twenty three years ago following a back injury, finding comfort and solace at the stroke of a brush and she has a new and exciting exhibition coming up alongside a fellow artist.

Speaking of her next exhibition - 'Summer Colour Explosion', to be held on July 18 - July 21 in The Copper House Gallery, she said: 'It's a joint exhibition with myself and Jennifer Hart; she's a friend of mine who I met at the RDS, and at People's Art on St Stephen's Green, and she's been dying to get together to do an exhibition.

'So I'm really looking forward to that, and it's a big event in our lives, because it'll be the first one where we're actually having an opening, and there's a guest speaker coming along who would be one of my clients too, so it's just wonderful.'

A farmer's daughter, Jean grew up on a farm in Swords, memories of which she still draws inspiration from for her art.

She has of late been commissioned to paint Burrow Beach, Kinsale, Lambay and Portmarnock, so that growing up and living in Fingal has always been an influence.

Jean said she is a well-known figure in Rolestown, or at least 'if I'm not covered in paint, they would!', adding that there are a number of other well-known artists in the area.

Jean said she never studied art, and that the subject wasn't available to her in school.

Rather, she said, she has taught herself and developed her own particular style of 'palette knife art'.

This gives a tactile effect she explained, offering a different experience than standard oil paintings.

She explained: 'I took up art because I had an accident and I hurt my back; I never thought it would be a career, but the last few years it's taken off.

'I do Art Source in the RDS and a couple of other shows.

'I did Gifted there at Christmas, and I've been doing the House interior design show as well.

'I exhibit regularly in the Red Stables in Clontarf, and I also had a joint show in County Hall a few years ago.'

Between the Kilkenny Arts Festival lined up this year, a return to Art Source and exhibitions on Merrion Square, Jean will certainly be kept busy over the summer months but will find time to paint some more, no doubt.

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