Wednesday 22 November 2017

It's a just fourteen hours!

Alison Comyn

A BALROTHERY man has just wrapped the first ever feature film aimed to be shot in just 12 hours!

Stephen Gibson from RCA Media Productions, now based in Bellewstown, Co Meath, collaborated with Zanzibar Films and Irish based, Spanish director Paco Torres to produce 'Saol'.

The unique element to this full feature film production is that is was been shot and completed in 14 hours, shooting in Dublin on December 15th, and will hopefully have a cinema release next year after a run on the film festival circuit!

'We wrapped on that Sunday in a time of just 14 hours and one minute, with the completed feature called 'Saol', the Irish word for life,' explains Stephen, who also produced the successful 'The Adventures Diaries; on Witches Hill' last year.

'This feature is part of a new concept called 'Whisper film projects' to make low budget feature films in 12 hours, with some of the most talented people.'

The project's key point of difference, as well as being shot in just 14 hours, is that there was no script.

Scenes were works of improvisation blocked out between director Mr. Torres and actors on the day.

'Paco is an enthusiastic, professional, socially skillful, quick passionate, experienced, responsible, persistent and reliable individual with a strong belief in team work as the best way to achieve goals,' adds Stephen, whose daughter Chloe starred in 'The Adventures Diaries' shot in Fingal last year.

'He has a great knowledge of the global entertainment and media business after working in projects related with US, Ireland, UK, Austria and Spain, and when he is under pressure, he priorities his projects with fresh ideas and energy delivering always the work in the best possibly conditions.'

'Saol' is about anxiety, obsessions and reconstruction of a family after their loss of a family member.

It is set in Dublin, in a house in an upper class neighbourhood.

The key characters are lost, they don't know what to do with their life, so the only solution is start everything from the very beginning and back to the most powerful emotion to human been, love.

'As far as we can ascertain, nobody has ever shot a feature film in just 14 hours before, so this way of shooting an 'entire feature film' is very unique, and we hope readers will enjoy the movie when it premieres in the new year.'

Fingal Independent

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