Monday 18 June 2018

Hilarious comedy opens in Millbank

Patricia Daly and Ciara O Rourke in ‘Out of Order’ at the Rush Millbank Theatre
Patricia Daly and Ciara O Rourke in ‘Out of Order’ at the Rush Millbank Theatre

A wonderful new laugh-out-loud, gag-a-minute frantic comedy has opened in the Millbank Theatre and is set to run for three more weeks.

Ray Cooney's 'Our of Order' is Rush Dramatic Society's first production of 2018 and is directed by the experienced Annmarie Wolohan, who was at the helm of Calendar Girls, Dial M for Murder, and Sunshine Boys.

The production is guaranteed to leave audiences buzzing.

The action takes place in a posh hotel room where a prominent English Government Minister, Richard Willey (yes, 'Willey') is all set to engage in, shall we say, a little 'out of order' behaviour with his political opponent's secretary when an 'out of order' window throws a spanner into the works setting in train a series of tricky events which threaten to (ahem) 'expose' the, increasingly desperate Mr Willey. A riot of wardrobes and wheelchairs and weapons and windows and women and, eh..….Willeys'

The cast is a fine mix of the experienced and the new.

Pat McGrath plays the harassed, resourceful, scheming Richard with Christopher Murray in superb form as his hapless put upon side kick George Pigden.

Louis Rice makes his stage debut as the 'never miss a trick' waiter. Another Rush debutant Ciara O'Rourke is playing the 'object of desire' Jane Worthington.

New face and musical veteran Colm Heaney is Ronnie, Jane's retribution seeking husband whilst Celeste Jones the Younger tries helplessly to maintain an orderly house as the Hotel Manager.

Rush duo Gillian Smyth and Trish Daly get in on the act playing frisky Gladys and sophisticated Pamela respectively, two other ladies in Richard's life he would just as soon avoid in the present less than orderly circumstances.

Phil Corcoran make a return to play a saucy French maid. And last but not least is Mick O'Rourke as the mysterious Mr Parker of whom the less said the better.

Derek McCarthy is responsible for 'all things production'. Back Stage Managers are Lorraine Carrick and Melissa Monks

This show is a first too for the Millbank Theatre in that you can book completely online and choose your own seat. Just checkout the website

The play runs Wednesday to Saturday at 8.30pm until February 17.

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