Monday 22 January 2018

High hopes

The crowd enjoying the show.
Kodaline on stage at the Chandelier Sessions.

Nicola Donnelly

SWORDS band Kodaline have had a phenomenal year, becoming the most popular band on Spotify and seeing their debut album 'In a Perfect World' catapult the four-piece to the summit of the charts.

Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Vinnie May and Jason Boland, who have been together since 2011, are now planning on releasing album number two.

The lads were home for two weeks at Christmas time to unwind, spend time with family and friends and also popped into The Old Boro in Swords to sing a few songs at The Chandelier Sessions. Along with Kodaline, Hudson Taylor, Gavin James and Orla Gartland to name a few also made appearances for the event, raising over €5,000 for HHT (Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiestasia) charity.

Mark Prendergast, guitarist with Kodaline took time out of his busy schedule to talk to the Fingal Independent about the year that's been and their 'high hopes' for 2014.

'Being home for Christmas has been great,' Mark said, 'We have been on tour the entire year and its nice to come home and chill with the family and friends for a while.'

He said that although the band was on tour just before Christmas playing in European cities, they have had to cancel eight of the shows because lead singer Steve became ill with bronchitis.

'We have now re-scheduled the shows we had to cancel and Steve is now doing good. We had to pull the shows otherwise his voice would have gotten so bad.'

He said the band performing at the Chandelier Sessions, an 'open mic' type night which takes place each week in The Old Boro, was a nice opportunity as they are really supportive of the HHT charity and it also enabled them to perform in an intimate gig in front of family and friends.

'Friends of ours organise The Chandelier Sessions and we have played at them before over the years and because the night was for a charity we support, we thought it would be a good thing to perform a few songs.'

He did admit, however, that the final song where all the performers took to the stage to sing 'Fairytale of New York' was a 'disaster.'

'The song was a disaster! We really should learn the proper words of it. We thought sure, we're Irish, we'll know the song but unfortunately we didn't know all the words! But it was a bit of craic anyhow,' he said.

Having performed in many cities in the UK and the rest of Europe, the lads have also been given exposure in America.

Their single 'All I Want' sound tracked the latest Grey's Anatomy trailer and they performed in a number of American cities in North America during October.

'We are going back to America in February for five weeks, doing 25 gigs so that's going to be great. It's very hard to break America but we have been playing in reasonably sized venues and to do sell-out shows to any amount of people in America is major.'

Looking back on the past year, the band experienced a number of firsts – their first album 'In a Perfect World', which went straight to the top of the Irish charts, performing at Glastonbury for the first time and their debut appearance at Electric Picnic.

'The album being launched was a huge moment, it was exciting to see how well it would do and we are delighted how well it has done,' said Mark.

'Electric Picnic was overwhelming,' said Mark. 'All my friends were there and our parents were able to join us which was great and we showed them backstage. It was just completely overwhelming the crowd that came to see us perform on the main stage.'

'Glastonbury was also amazing as you are up against so many big bands performing at the same time. We played the John Peel tent to a crowd of 12,000 which was brilliant.'

With the band leaving 2013 behind on a high note, they hope that 2014 will be as crazy and amazing.

'We are going into the studio for January to get writing and recording on songs but we will be away for eight days finishing the European dates so hopefully we will have the second album launched in no time,' he said, adding that March 16 is one date the band are really looking forward to.

'That's when we play the O2. It's going to be insane as I've been going to gigs there since I was a kid and now we will be performing on stage.'

The lads will be touring until May and will be back on the festival circuit next summer with plenty more material to perform with the imminent launch of their second album.

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