Monday 11 December 2017

Harps goes to Hollywood!

Skerries Harps presents the OsKaRs is one of those event's that will undoubtedly go down in club history.

After six months of planning by the dedicated committee and weeks of rehearsal, location hunting and finally filming, the big night hosted at the City North Hotel had arrived.

The OsKaRs concept is the brainchild of the ever professional Kevin Rowe (hence the K and R in the spelling of Oscars). Kevin and his team pulled out all the stops to set the scene for a memorable night!

The showbiz theme was set from the moment you stepped inside the foyer. Life-like cut-outs of Hollywood's most glamorous stars stood in line, flanked by two-metre high golden Oscar statues.

The red carpet welcome continued into the function room where the audience of over 500 people, all dressed to the nines, packed the stylish conference room and certainly got their money's worth.

Seven casts of actors had filmed their own versions of 10 to 12 -minute 'movies' from these well known movies and TV shows like The Godfather, The Snapper, Bridesmaids, Father Ted, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump and The Field.

The actors were welcomed into the room by MC Adrian Kennedy to cheers of support from the audience - each group making their presence known, none more so than the cast of The Snapper who entered the room with 'Baby Georgina' resplendent in her silver cross pram led by proud Grandad Colin Ridgeway, singing along to: '7 pounds, 12 ounces, 7 pounds, 12 ounces, dah, dah, dah, dah . . .'

The sense of camaraderie and friendly rivalry was palpable from the word go, and the genuine spirit of goodwill was evidenced by the standing ovations from 'rival' troupes as, up on the giant screen, the credits for each film rolled.

Much of the laughter and spontaneous applause arose when well-known stalwarts of Skerries Harps would be just about recognised through their bewigged disguises and their multi-accented performances.

There were howls of laughter when Bishop Brennan (Fergal Lynch) was finally kicked up the backside (with clever in-jokes and local references, this was arguably funnier than the original).

The seven ladies who made up the all-female cast of Bridesmaids had the audience rolling in the aisles, particularly during the scene where, due to food poisoning, they're all caught short and have to be resourceful to . . . relieve the situation (you had to be there).

There were also, by contrast, moments of poignancy and even menace. The meeting of the crime bosses, called by Don Corleone, exuded pure evil. Another scene during which you could hear a pin drop was the deathbed scene of Forrest Gump's mother (Ethna McQuillan).

Dave McGloughlin's powerful performance as Bull McCabe, stubbornly resisting any attempts to wrest from his grasp his beloved Field, will resonate with us for some time. A handful of actors played more than one role: a shout out to the multi-talented Éabha Geraghty, Conor Chatten and Fergal Lynch.

Well done to all the actors, especially those new to theatrics - its safe to say that all gave great performances and no doubt many will take to the stage again in the near future!

In the end, there could be only one winner. Well, that's not exactly true. Best Actress was shared between Susan Hogan (the Widow in The Field) and Jean Horne (Mrs Doyle in Father Ted). Aisling Coleman (Megan in Bridesmaids) got Best Supporting Actress. Best Supporting Actor was Brendan Mooney, Red - Morgan Freeman - in The Shawshank Redemption. Best Actor, for his performance as the lead role in The Godfather, was awarded to Andy Geraghty. Best Movie, with a strong cast led by Alun Cullinane as Andy Dufresne, was The Shawshank Redemption. Highest Grossing movie was awarded to the cast of The Snapper who also had the award winning Highest Grossing Actor, Anne Dillon.

A huge shout out to all 48 actors, the many extras who added tremendously to each movie, and the local businesses and individuals who provided locations and props! The OsKaRs is the talk of the town! Well done everyone

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