Friday 19 April 2019

Good vibrations abound at the super Chalk Venue

Swords was full of good vibrations recently for a wonderful community event which feature a record fair, followed by live music from up and coming acts.

The record fair at the Chalk Venue was a complete success with hundreds of records bought and sold.

Good Vibrations DJs played 60s vinyl records just to add atmosphere to proceedings and people seemed to really enjoy the vibey atmosphere. It completely suited the beautiful weather on the day by all accounts.

Later on the local band Conor & The Activists played a blinder of a set with a great mix of covers (including Oasis and Blink 182 among others) and some of their own original songs which sounded like they were made to be chart hits and went down great with the crowd.

The headliners, The Revellions then took to the stage and blew everyone away with their own unique blend of psychedelic/garage/ glues rock.

It was a very energetic performance with some new tracks beside some of the older classics! They got great feedback from the large crowd that had came down to see them.

Fuzzed up (who put on the event with the Chalk Venue) then had their own DJs play out the night and everyone seemed happy enough going home!!

The aim of these nights going forward is to promote locally grown talent and give local artists a platform to get their art out.

Fingal Independent