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Georgia G is ready to 'Run'

Malahide's new singing sensation, Georgia G talks to Ken Phelan about the release of her new single 'Run' and how it can blow away the lockdown blues


Georgia Gaffney

Georgia Gaffney

Georgia Gaffney

Malahide singer/songwriter Georgia G made her music debut recently with her summer vibe upbeat ballad, 'Run', promising to wash away the 'negative vibes' of lockdown with a string of infectious pop harmonies.

Nineteen-year-old Georgia G (real name Georgia Gaffney), sister to successful musical director Lauryn Gaffney, is taking her family's pop sensibilities to a new level with her feel-good ballads, and her new single is destined to take airwaves by storm.

Speaking from her Malahide home recently, Georgia G explained how her new single 'Run' came about, and of her nerve-wrecking appearance on Broadway last year: 'My sister is friends with a producer called Ali Donnell, so I recorded it in his studio.

'When I brought it to him it was basically just a song on a piano, it was completely different, a completely different song.

'Then after I brought it to him he made it everything I wanted it to be, a big pop ballad, so he brought it to life.

'I'd actually been working on it for a while, I wrote it back in June of last year when I was supposed to be studying for my Leaving Cert.

'So I wrote it back then and came up with a melody for the chorus, a little catchy riff. and I was like, I want to record this and put it out and get a little dance tune.

'It was my first time in a studio, and it's actually a lot harder than you think, I thought I'd just go in and sing a song and that's it, but you have to do a load of takes and the producer has to make the song sound exactly like it sounds in your head.

'It actually took really long. We started recording it in November and we kept leaving it and then coming back to it and our final draft after it got mixed and mastered was in the start of May, then we had it for two weeks and then released it.'

She says: 'I've been singing and song-writing for as long as I can remember, my first show I was probably about four or five.

'My first song I remember writing was in second year in school with my guitar and it was awful, but I remember when I finished it I was like, wow, I love this.

'The first musical I ever did I was in third year, I was 14 and I was in Fame, and since then I've been in musical after musical.

'I was in Grease and I was Jan, that's probably my favourite role. I love the thrill of musical theatre, it's great, but there's something about singing your own songs on stage for people that I was always like, wow, I'd love to do that, and now I have the opportunity to try it out, which is amazing.'

Coming from a musical family, Georgia has been surrounded by music all her life, and has performed in a number of musicals over the years.

Her sister Lauryn, being a well-established musical director and vocal trainer, saw the raw talent she had, and prepared her for her biggest performance yet. It was an opportunity to perform in Lauryn's hit musical, 'Big Shot' in New York last year which encouraged Georgia G to pursue a career in music, a taste of the limelight off Broadway that would lead her to begin to recognise herself as an artist in her own right.

She says: 'I've been involved with musicals for as long as I can remember. I did 'Big Shot' last year, my sister's show, and I got to perform in '54 Below' in New York.'

'That was not a show where there was acting involved, it was just singing, and when I got on stage and got to sing a song on my own I realised how much I loved it and loved performing. So I was like,

'I want to write my own stuff and put it out there.'

The Malahide singer/songwriter says: 'I was terrified doing '54 Below', but it was a great response, everyone was really happy with how it went, and I remember being in the car on the way there and my hands were shaking, and I was like 'I can't do it, I can't do it', and that every possible bad thing was going to happen. Then you go on stage and you just forget about everything and it all works out, and it's the best feeling ever. Then it was off-Broadway for five days, which was great.'

Asked what it was like working with sister Lauryn on 'Big Shot', she says: 'I loved it. She's a great person to work with because she'll tell me when something isn't right, because she wouldn't want me to make any mistakes or anything, so she's great.

'She's so talented at writing songs, so I often ask her for advice on writing. It's actually great having two performers in the family, because we always get to sing together and do harmonies, and we're always writing together and making up silly songs, and my dad is like, 'you can go and sing out the back garden!' because we're so loud, so that's really fun.'

Speaking of how Lauryn was a big influence on her pursuing a future in music, Georgia G says: 'My sister has been singing forever, so when I was growing up I was copying her because she's also a big influence of mine.

'She was writing a musical and it took off and was amazing, and I saw how much fun she had writing the show, and I was like 'wow, I could start songwriting myself.

'I think I was more like a pop-style type of artist, like I love writing pop songs. Being on stage is something I love, and my first gig is coming up on September 19th, it's upstairs in Whelan's and I'm supporting Sophie Doyle there.

'That'll be my very first gig and I'm really excited, I'm a bit nervous but I'm ready to got out and sing. There'll be lots of rehearsals with a band to get everything perfect.'

Georgia G, a former pupil of Malahide Community School, says the school was incredibly supportive of her and her musical ability, awarding her a top award as Music Student of the Year in sixth year.

Lauryn too, is a former pupil, and also credits Malahide Community School for its support and for encouraging her to pursue music as a career.

Georgia G starts her second year studying songwriting at BIMM music college in Dublin City Centre this year, where she is hugely enjoying meeting a host of other musicians and singers and absorbing a range of musical influences to incorporate into her songwriting.

She is, she says, doing 'exactly what I want to do' and has 'learned a lot' since beginning college.

On her plans for the future, she says: 'Now the single is out, I'm planning to just start gigging more, and then I'm going to start recording my next single and that'll be out in a couple of months.

'But first of all I'm going to let this single be out there, let people hear it. Then I have that gig in September supporting Sophie, so that'll be my next thing, and then hopefully just get as many gigs as I can.'

Apart from working on her next single, Georgia G says she has a debut album written already, plans for which are already underway.

She has taken full advantage of her time during lockdown too, to write new songs and make a demo for the follow-up single to 'Run', Her hope, she says, is to one day have her own tour travelling the world singing in front of adoring Georgia G fans.

Until then, she'll remain at home, singing harmonies with her sister. 'Run' is available now on all listening platforms and on YouTube.

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