Sunday 20 October 2019

Former Balbriggan's Got Talent champion sings on The Voice UK

A former winner of Balbriggan's Got Talent has managed to impress one Olly Murs enough for him to swing around his chair and invite her on his team for The Voice UK.

Eva Campbell from Skerries is no stranger to talent competitions and is a previous winner of Balbriggan's Got Talent.

Now she is showcasing her incredible singing talents on a bigger stage, competing on The Voice UK.

Eva recently appeared in the first 'blind audition' round of the contest where contestants perform to the backs of four 'coaches' hoping one of them will be impressed enough with what they hear, to turn around their chairs.

That is exactly what happened when pop star, Olly Murs was compelled to turn his chair for Eva and invite her onto 'Team Olly' for the next round of the contest.

It was a brilliant performance of ''Teardrop' in week five of The Voice UK Blind Auditions that won Eva a place on Team Olly.

Eva's talents were first uncovered by a live audience five years ago when at the age of just 12, she managed to finish runner-up in Balbriggan's Got Talent.

On that occasion, it was her cover of Avicii's 'Addicted to you' that took her to the runner-up spot.

But a year later, she returned to the Balbriggan competition and went one better when she became the winner of the 2015 Balbriggan's Got Talent competition.

Everyone who heard her then were sure they would hear more of her and so it was no suprise around Balbriggan way when the Skerries girl emerged on television to compete so impressively on The Voice UK.

Skerries student, Eva said she was 'praying' for one of the coaches on The Voice UK to turn for her when she made it to the auditions stage and those prayers were well and truly answered when Olly spun his chair for the local 17-year-old singer..

Eva said that entering the competition had been a long-held ambition for her and this year she simply decided she was going to 'go for it'.

The fifth year in Skerries Community College said she never expected to even get as far as the blind auditions, never mind getting one of the famous judges on the show to turn around their chair for her.

The Skerries girl is a big fan of the show which hits Irish screens every Saturday Night on Virgin Media.

She always wished she could be in front of the camera instead of in front of the television at home and now that dream has come true for the fifth year student at Skerries Community College.

Eva said she was 'delighted' to be on the show and of course ecstatic to be on Team Olly.

She was joined for her blind audition by several family members from Skerries who were in Manchester, where the audition was filmed, to support Eva and her incredible talent. Irish viewers will next see Eva when the contest reaches the 'Battle' stages where she will be paired off with another contestant in a one-on-one sing-off for a place in the live finals of the contest.

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