Friday 20 September 2019

Fingal Lighthouse Art Group to launch new trail

Fingal Lighthouse Art Group launches its first Art Trail and exhibition in Balbriggan this week, offering aspiring Monets and Picassos the chance to parade their artistic talent.

The Art Trail, to be held from August 17 to August 25, will see the work of up and coming local artists displayed in businesses throughout the town, allowing locals the opportunity to see the broad range of talent Balbriggan has to offer.

Running alongside Heritage Week, the Art Trail will include twenty five local artists, some taking part in their first ever exhibition.

Fingal Lighthouse Art Group's Bernie Davis explains: 'It starts off in the Bank of Ireland, where we'll have artwork in the windows and in the foyer, and down along the main street there'll be artwork in windows of different premises and throughout the town. Then in Millfield Shopping Centre we'll have an art exhibition going on there as well.

'It's a huge hub for artists in Balbriggan, and there's a huge amount of artists in the town. What we're trying to do is establish an art trail/exhibition, then as the years go on build it up and then hopefully have an artists quarter or artists hub situated somewhere in town where people can have exhibitions or classes.'

A number of different nationalities and age groups are taking part in the inaugural event, Bernie says, which will see work carried out over a range of media, from waterworks, acrylics and even multimedia.

Bernie is hoping to build a register of artists in the town, so that when exhibitions do come up, there will be a broad pool of artists to select from.

Bernie says: 'To get an exhibition up so quickly, we've done quite well, we've done a lot of hard work to get the premises and get things up and running, so it's a good thing to happen so quickly, normally these things take six months to a year to put together.'

For now, Fingal Lighthouse Art Group is concentrating on 'keeping the momentum going' and, as Bernie says, there are lots of plans yet to come.

The Fingal Lighthouse Art Group are delighted to launch this Art Trail and series of exhibitions throughout the town of Balbriggan in August which will comprise of small exhibitions in premise through out the town of Balbriggan in conjunction with heritage week running from the 17th of August to 25th of August

You are asked to please come out and support all the artists taking part it will start in the BOI in Dublin street then Salon 27, Library, Rown Hall, Bracken Court Hotel, Molly's Coffee Gallery, Corrs, Permanent TSB, McFaddens Craft Shop and Millfield Shopping Centre.

Fingal Independent