Wednesday 24 July 2019

Fingal CC students go high 'When They Go Low' at annual TY play

Swords Streets

Nicole Adamenko, Lilly Lange, Emma Howe and Emma Wren in the Fingal Community College TY Play
Nicole Adamenko, Lilly Lange, Emma Howe and Emma Wren in the Fingal Community College TY Play
Matthew Sheridan, Michael Weldon and Lorcan Duro at the Fingal Community College TY Play
Andria Grobler and Stephanie Efeduwuyi in the Fingal Community College TY Play
Julie Rajah, Sasha Boznak, Julia Szarecka and Andrea Coseru in the Fingal Community College TY Play

There was plenty of drama at Fingal Community College in Swords recently, as TY drama teacher Mr O'Loughlin directed an outstanding cast of Transition Year students for the school's annual TY play.

A crowded hall of 120 people were in attendance on the night, with parents, teachers and fellow students coming to see the talented young actors.

The play, 'When They Go Low', which the class of TY students had been rehearsing since last October, went down 'amazingly well', according to programme co-ordinator and school PRO Siobhan Lynch.

'The night was fantastic, and it was a huge achievement to put on a play of the calibre that it was', Ms Lynch said.

'When They Go Low', based on the topic of 'everyday feminism and the changing face of teenage sexuality inn an online world', had been rehearsed under the guidance of drama teacher Mr O'Loughlin, who himself holds a Masters in drama.

Ms Lynch said: 'The students were ecstatic afterwards and the parents were too. It was fantastic, and it really was a great show.'

The cast of the play included: Sara (Alexandra Poznax); Miss Reef (Andria Grobler); Louise (Saoirse Fitzgerald); and Scott (Michael Weldon).

Also making an appearance were Madonna (Andria Grobler); Michelle Obama (Stephanie Efeduwuyi), Hillary Clinton (Alexandra Poznax), Chimamande Ngozi Adichie (Andreea Bota) and Emmeline Pankhurst (Emma Howe).

Mr O'Loughlin said: 'It has been a huge privilege to work with these talented and enthusiastic students. They have worked hard to make this a memorable production and have made my job very easy.'

Ms Lynch, along with the cast and crew, presented Mr O'Loughlin with a thank you card and a box of chocolates, and thanked the audience for coming.

This year's Transition Year play was once again a huge success.

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