Saturday 20 October 2018

Filming takes place at Swords Castle


Stunt man Philippe Zone in an action shot from the TV series the Tudors which is being shot in Swords Castle
Stunt man Philippe Zone in an action shot from the TV series the Tudors which is being shot in Swords Castle


EXPLOSIONS rocked Swords Castle this week as rifle-carrying Frenchmen stormed the Fingal capital's landmark building and declared war on its inhabitants.

No, it wasn't a late response to the Lisbon result, but all the thrills and spills of Hollywood, as the hit show ' The Tudors' came to town.

The castle was transformed into a historic battleground, with foot soldiers, stunt men and camera crew mingling in its grounds, preparing for action.

Sadly, there was no sign of leading man, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, as it was instead the second unit crew in tow, filming a series of battle scenes, which will make up part of the fourth and final series.

For all the refurbishment carried out, you could be forgiven for thinking the castle was back in ruins, as the set designers had made a few changes for authenticity. Windows in the new chapel area were covered, while its staircase was removed, replaced instead with a pile of rubble and wood and the castle's flagpoles were taken down.

And the look will be completed in the coming days, with green screens to be erected at the castle entrance, blocking off the view of Bridge Street and Main Street and allowing the CGI team to add in more appropriate scene. Some 60 to 70 crew members are taking part in the three-day shoot, with a mix of nationalities working from 7am, through to 7pm or 8pm in the evening.

Scenes shot in Swords will make up elements of the famous 1544 siege of Boulogne, which took place during King Henry VIII's second invasion of France.

Filming initially took place in Kilruddery, where soldieries made their way up a hill, leading to the 'city of Boulogne', which will be represented on film by the outer walls of Swords Castle.

The scenes will feature in the sixth of seventh episode of the series, which will more than likely be shown in Ireland next year.