Friday 19 April 2019

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In Eastenders, Stacey is not happy to see Martin spending time with Matt and Ross
In Eastenders, Stacey is not happy to see Martin spending time with Matt and Ross

Coronation Street: Having listened to the evidence, Tim is once more of the belief that Sally may have had an affair. Sally is devastated.

At the same time, Paula ends it with Sophie.

Meanwhile, Kate and Rana attend the fertility clinic. Kate is giddy with excitement, while Rana does her best to appear enthusiastic. Kate and Rana agree between them that Kate will carry their baby. Kate is thrilled and tells Rana she can't wait to be pregnant.

Elsewhere, Jenny secretly puts Liz's phone in water. When Liz realises it isn't working, Jenny says she is due an upgrade and offers Liz her old phone. What is she up to?

Also, after a successful physio session, Jack announces that he wants to do some fundraising for the hospital. Kevin is proud of his son. Jack reveals his one-legged race fundraiser idea to Greg. Greg offers his full support.

Finally, Michelle suggests to Robert that they should take the afternoon off, while Mary is upset when Angie explains that she's changed the locks at Number 3 because she wants to move on from Jude.


At the pub, Albert Square's residents discuss the article in the local paper, unaware that it's about Ruby. There's a debate about the topic of consent and Ruby tries her best to ignore the conversation.

Later, Stacey reacts angrily when she sees Martin spending time with Matt and Ross. Stacey's outburst leads to everyone discovering that they're the men responsible.

After Matt and Ross are forced to leave, Glenn arrives and defends his two friends. Ruby bravely stands up to Glenn, letting everyone know that she was the woman who Matt raped.


Leanna convinces Bernice that she has made the wrong choice of dress for the gala, so Bernice rushes into town to amend her mistake.

When Bernice later arrives in The Woolpack wearing an awful ball gown, she quickly realises Leanna has set her up and she's left upset when Liam sides with his daughter.

Meanwhile, Pollard comes up with a plan and Rodney fakes an illness. Will Faith soon be on to the pair?

Megan spots Graham Foster and attempts to talk some sense into him.

Graham misinterprets Megan's kindness and tries to kiss her. She pulls away, leaving Graham utterly mortified.

Meanwhile, Charity is left to entertain Moses and Johnny, but is horrified when she realises she's used permanent paint on the kids' faces. Marlon Dingle helps to find a way of getting the paint off before Vanessa arrives.

Fair City

Wayne struggles to accept Orla's decision. Decco is unsettled by a face from the past. Will gets the wrong impression when he sees Mairead and Damien together.

Wayne makes a major decision. Decco starts down a dark road. Damien insists on Mairead telling Will the truth. Charlotte makes inroads in the Brennan household.

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