Monday 19 November 2018

Balbriggan united in song by gospel choir

Balbriggan has a tuneful new voice in the shape of the newly-founded Balbriggan Gospel Choir which held its inaugural rehearsal recently at the Bracken Court Hotel.

There was a huge response to a call made on social media by choir founder, Jayne Robinson-Brogan with more than 100 people showing up fo the first rehearsal.

The Gospel Choir was set up to bring all members of the community together, to have fun and unite people with an interest in singing with one voice. Members of all faiths and communities in Balbriggan were in attendance. Whether they were just starting out on a singing journey or had a lifetime experience musically, all were welcomed into the fold.

While having fun, socialising and meeting new people is a large part of the choir, they will be striving to be as good they can be, to produce high level performances and help everyone improve as singers and musicians

It was the brain child of local Mother of 4 Jayne Robinson-Brogan, who said: 'Following my attendance at a performance by the Dublin Gospel Choir in the Bracken Court Hotel before Christmas, I put a call out on social media asking who wants to be in a Balbriggan Gospel Choir. The response was overwhelming.'

Jayne was soon joined by Sharon Kelly, Ciaran Melia, Edel Murray, Jonathon Collins and Dave Flood from Cadence Music School in the town, who directs the Choir. They all set about further advertising the new choir by enlisting the help of local councillor Malachy Quinn, Niall Keady of Balbriggan.Net as well as local Photographer Johnathon Waters, who provided a visual record of the first night.

One of the first challenges was establishing a date and rehearsal venue for the new choir, which was solved with the support of the Bracken Court Hotel.

The choir came together under the banner, 'Unity through Song', After weeks of preparation and reaching out across the community of Balbriggan, the founding members were overwhelmed by the support. If anyone is interested in joining, just pop down to the Bracken Court Hotel any Wednesday as rehearsals are from 7pm until 8.30pm.

Fingal Independent