Sunday 22 April 2018

Balbriggan students dazzle on the stage with 'Grease' musical

Students from Balbriggan Community College have dazzled on stage with their fantastic two-night performance of high-school musical 'Grease'.

The tip-tapping musical favourite was produced by the school's transition years who looked after every aspect of the production, from acting to costumes and crew to the publicity of the event itself.

Peter Marrey and Katie Whitehouse took on the lead roles of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson made so famous by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in the smash-hit film.

The T-Birds featured Daniel Adamson as kenickie, Ben Casey as Doody, Alex Reddy as Sonny and Dillon Adams as Putzie.

The Pink Ladies featured Grainne Hughes as Betty Rizzo, Georgia Murphy as Frenchy, Meghan Fogarty as Jan and Sarah Kendellen as Marty Maraschino.

Daniel Forde played Eugene Fesnick, while Hannah Dunne was cast as Patty Simcox. Santiage Perez was Tom Chisum, Bernard Dowler was Leo Balmudo aka Craterface, and Layla Kenneally played Cha Cha DeGregorio.

Hoi Ying Wong played Principal McGee, while Starry Innocent was Blanche Hodel and Hammed Oyefeso was Coach Calhoun. Sound and lighting was looked after by James McCoy Everard and Michael Makarenko .

In charge of costumes were Jordan McQuillan, Rebecca Harold and Eric Finnegan.

Yevhen Brych and Themba Mwenelupembe were in charge of stage management.

Props were looked after by Gregory Akinsawya, Frank Cabraley, Ashley Vintem, Angel Miguel Fidel and Karim Wagih.

The stage crew were Evan Weldon, Julian Rennau, Ryan Newsome, Sean Finnegan, Owen Donnelly, Jack Casey, Olayinka Adelodum and Sarah Phelan Molloy.

Dylan Fields, Kevin Condrea, Mateusz Kubiak, Max Tuite and Matthew Indino were in charge of publicity.

Fingal Independent