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'We need toilets and Vinegar Hill facilities, not cable cars'

30m tourism and regeneration plan for Enniscorthy


Cllr Jackser Owens

Cllr Jackser Owens

Cllr Jackser Owens

A member of Enniscorthy Municipal District Council has said the town needs toilets not cable cars.

Cllr Jackser Owens was speaking in the wake of this month's meeting of the local authority, at which a presentation was made to the members based around maximising the tourism potential of the town. In that presentation the members were told that phase 3 of the project made provision for the construction of a cable car over the Slaney from a planned car and coach park at Turret Rocks, to Enniscorthy Castle.

However, Cllr Owens said that such plans are 'pie in the sky' and that what's really needed in the town are toilet facilities and more access facilities to Vinegar Hill.

'There is nowhere to go to the toilet in the town,' he said.

With regard to the cable car idea he believes it's something that won't happen in his lifetime, if at all.

'I cannot see that happening in my lifetime but I do want to see proper toilet facilities there,' he said.

Cllr Owens also emphasised that access to Vinegar Hill is another issue of concern. 'You cannot get onto Vinegar Hill with a big bus,' he said.

Describing the hill as one of the country's foremost visitor attractions he said it's unfair to expect older people to walk up the hill the distance they have to without having any toilet facilities available to them.

At last week's Municipal District monthly meeting Deputy James Browne, who was in attendance, expressed reservations about development work on the hill in view of the fact it was a battleground and the final resting place for people who died there.

However, Cllr Owens said the removal of two car parking spaces to facilitate the provision of toilet facilities closer to the hill would solve the problem without disturbing any graves.

Cllr Owens also expressed concern over lack of access to the hill in the event of an emergency.

He said the entrance to the hill at Hillview Heights needs a lot of work to ensure access for emergency vehicles.

'If Vinegar Hill was in any other town in Ireland it would be a goldmine,' said Cllr Owens.

'If you come into Enniscorthy from Dublin or elsewhere, how do you get to it?' he asked.

'It's not promoted enough,' he added.

'There is only one sign for it and if it was done right there would be a tour organised from the Castle and the 1798 Centre to the hill and vice-versa and there would tour guides telling visitors about the history of it.'

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