Tuesday 23 January 2018

Winter Juvenile league off to bright start

HUGE CROWDS gathered at the Volunteers G.A.A. pitch in Páirc Charman on Sunday last for the start of the Wexford winter league, hosted by Menapians A.C.

This competition, the brainchild of Tom Hogan of Sliabh Buidhe Rovers, gives Juvenile athletes from Under-8 to Under-17 the chance to run middle distance races.

Initially the league was designed to include five clubs, however the organisers have modified the scoring system and opened up the competition to athletes from any club in the county which wants to participate.

The next outing will be in the New Ross Town Park on Friday evening next, November 23. All clubs are welcome to take part and should contact Tom Hogan of S.B.R. by email:, or alternatively contact Nora Muldoon, Co. Secretary, or visit

Round one results, hosted by Menapians A.C. - Under-8 girls: 1, Sinéad O'Reilly (Menapians); 2, Orla Byrne (S.B.R.); 3, Becrau Duggan (St. Paul's); 4, Aoife Devereux (St. Paul's); 5, Brídín Doyle (S.B.R.); 6, Megan Pernagolla (United Striders); 7, Hanna Redmond (S.B.R.); 8, Isabel Bowden (United Striders); 9, Shauna Donoghue (S.B.R.); 10, Katie Doyle (S.B.R.); 11, Isabel Gainfort (Menapians); 12, Orla Roche-Kelly (Taghmon); 13, Molly O'Gorman (Taghmon); 14, Ciara Mooney (Adamstown); 15, Bonny Murphy (St. Paul's); 16, Saoibhe Creane (Adamstown); 17, Mai McDonald (Menapians); 18, Tara O'Grady (Menapians).

Under-9 girls: 1, Ciara Murphy (United Striders); 2, Fiona Doran (Taghmon); 3, Ciara Martin (St. Paul's); 4, Eimer Halpin (Menapians); 5, Chloe O'Toole (Taghmon); 6, Kelly Corbett (United Striders); 7, Clara Kane (D.M.P.); 8, Elaine Aspel (Adamstown); 9, Kate Banville (Taghmon); 10, Beck Lowney (Menapians); 11, Aobhinn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 12, Orla O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 13, Ciara Power (St. Paul's); 14, Alicia Lambert (Menapians); 15, Amy Barron (Menapians).

Under-10 girls: 1, Aishling Kelly (Taghmon); 2, Dervla O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 3, Tara Cullinane (Menapians); 4, Danmra Gilsenan (Menapians); 5, Laura Ivers (S.B.R.); 6, Niamh Rees (St. Paul's); 7, Kaci Blanch (Taghmon); 8, Aoibhinn Creane (Adamstown); 9, Aoife Rees (St. Paul's); 10, Ciara Rees (St. Paul's).

Under-11 girls: 1, Hanna Roche-Kelly (Taghmon); 2, Leah Dwyer (Menapians); 3, Róisín O'Reilly (Menapians); 4, Ella McShane (S.B.R.); 5, Amy Boyle (St. Paul's); 6, Muireann Hore (Taghmon); 7, Katie Cunningham (Menapians).

Under-12 girls: 1, Rebecca Bawden (United Striders); 2, Gráinne Flannery (United Striders); 3, Tara Doyle (Adamstown); 4, Grace Kehoe (Enniscorthy); 5, Joanne Kelly (United Striders); 6, Mairéad Creane (Adamstown); 7, Sonia Mooney (Adamstown); 8, Brona O'Hanlon (Taghmon).

Under-13 girls: 1, Triona Mooney (Adamstown); 2, Julia Dempsey (Menapians); 3, Katie Murphy (United Striders); 4, Aoife Muldoon (Adamstown); 5, Emma Callaghan (United Striders); 6, Ciara Kelly (United Striders); 7, Georgina May Murphy (St. Paul's).

Under-14 girls: 1, Analise Creane (Adamstown); 2, Hayleigh Bawden (United Striders).

Under-17 girls: 1, Claire Stephenson (Adamstown).

Under-8 boys: 1, Mark Hennessy (Menapians); 2, Sam Norval (Menapians); 3, Tim Ivers (S.B.R.); 4, Jay Hogan (S.B.R.); 5, Owen Shannon (United Striders); 6, Finn Kelly (United Striders); 7, Christy Juss (Menapians); 8, Darragh Breen (S.B.R.); 9, Ben O'Toole (Taghmon); 10, David Kirwan (S.B.R.); 11, Niall Mimnagh (S.B.R.); 12, Tadhg McShane (S.B.R.); 13, Con Mernagh (St. Paul's); 14, Jim Malone (United Striders); 15, Marty Devereux (St. Paul's).

Under-9 boys: 1, Darragh Flannery (United Striders); 2, Aidan Shannon (United Striders); 3, Robert Wall (Adamstown); 4, Ben Wall (Adamstown); 5, Cuan Gallagher (Menapians); 6, Ke Burke-Young (Menapians); 7, Darren O'Neill (St. Paul's); 8, Ben Ryan (S.B.R.); 9, Jack Corcoran (Menapians).

Under-10 boys: 1, Joe Byrne (S.B.R.); 2, Cormac Byrne (Adamstown); 3, Christopher Burke-Young (Menapians); 4, Conor Byrne (Menapians); 5, Elliot Doyle (Menapians); 6, Cameron Doran (Taghmon).

Under-11 boys: 1, Luke Byrne (Adamstown); 2, Craig Wall (Adamstown); 3, Shane O'Neill (Menapians); 4, Seán Mahon (Menapians); 5, Christopher Mahon (Adamstown); 6, John Hennessy (Menapians); 7, James O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 8, Conor Murphy (United Striders); 9, Cillian Corkery (Menapians); 10, Cian Flannery (United Striders); 11, Jamie Pernagollo (United Striders); 12, Mickey Murphy (United Striders).

Under-12 boys: 1, Josh Hogan (S.B.R.); 2, Tomás Aspel (Adamstown); 3, James Newport (St. Paul's); 4, Seán Byrne (Menapians);

Under-13 boys: 1, Pádraic Hore (Taghmon); 2, Conall Clancy (Menapians); 3, Joseph O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 4, Leon Nolan (Menapians); 5, William Bolger (S.B.R.); 6, Jack Hayden (Menapians); 7, Thomas Breen (S.B.R.); 8, Aaron Smith (Menapians); 9, Niall Kelly (Taghmon).

Under-14 boys: 1, John Murphy (Menapians); 2, Ryan Carthy-Walsh (Adamstown).

Under-15 boys: 1, Jordan Ryan (S.B.R.); 2, Joe Mooney (Adamstown).

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