Monday 23 April 2018

On a winning streak

Enniscorthy's men continued their winning ways at King's Hospital on Saturday, defeating Navan on a 3-0 scoreline.

Enniscorthy's men continued their winning ways at King's Hospital on Saturday, defeating Navan on a 3-0 scoreline.

Enniscorthy- debuting their Millstream Fish sponsored jerseys, were without the services of Graham Hill, Cathal Ó Suilleabhain, Chris St. Clair- Johnson and the battling Ed Luikimas. Navan were similarly affected, not even having the regulation 11 starters.

Despite this, the Slaneysiders started brightest, Robbie Walshe taking advantage of the additional space at the back to net inside the second minute.

Another player taking advantage of Enniscorthy's numerical superiority was Jason Rothwell on the right wing, making a series of storming runs down the sideline. Throughout the first half, his runs and crosses were putting the Badger's defence under sever pressure.

Despite this, the Enniscorthy attack was unable to convert from open play until late in the half, Niall Maguire slotting in to make it 3-0. This followed an unstoppable Jason Rothwell strike from a short corner midway through the opening period.

The half-time message from manager Fraser Rothwell was simple: play your own game. Overall, the first half performance had been acceptable, but there had been nervous moments as Navan had been allowed play their way back into the game as the half wore on.

This pattern continued into the second half and the Enniscorthy defence- Clive Rothwell and Keith Ogilvie providing especially stout resistance- continued to hold firm. Up front Jason Rothwell continued tormenting the Navan defence but Enniscorthy only had a number of near misses to show for their efforts.

The match ended with the dangerous Shane Dooley of Navan on the attack but unable to penetrate the Enniscorthy goal; the visitors had deservedly won.

A tough weekend follows for the Astro Active Centre side. Mid-table North Kildare visit Enniscorthy in the league on Saturday, while the following day the Wexford men make the long trip to Serpentine Avenue to take on Pembroke Wanderers in the quarter-final of the Leinster Minor Cup.

Squad: John Casey; Andrew Rothwell; Keith Ogilvie; Clive Rothwell; Kieran Costello; Jonathan Rothwell; Roy Chapman; Glenn Chapman; Jason Rothwell; Rory Maguire; Robbie Walshe; Niall Maguire; Greg Hawkins; Seamus McAllister.

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