Thursday 25 April 2019

Juvenile Handball Board appeals for full support

THE INAUGURAL meeting of the newly-established County Juvenile Handball Board will take place this Wednesday, April 16, at 7.30 p.m. at St. Martin's, Piercestown. All club Juvenile officers are requested to attend to assist with the upcoming Juvenile 60 x 30 championships.

The newly-appointed committee is as follows: Chairman, Ricky Barron (Barntown); Secretary, Barry McWilliams (Horeswood); Children's Officer, Virginia Hanrahan (Castlebridge). Each handball club is requested to ensure their respective Children's Officers attend this meeting and lend their support to the Juvenile County Board in the coming year.

A new structure has been put into place for the county 60 x 30 championship. The main changes are the regarding of players so that each is graded in the county championship as they are graded for the provincial championship. As a result this left a very high number of entries in the Junior championship with the competition and standard at a very high level.

The county 60 x 30 championships will be run on a league basis which will guarantee players more matches in each grade. A special County Board meeting was held at the start of last week in Piercestown where the proposals for the new championship were passed by the delegates and all players were individually graded.

The changes to the championship are as a direct result of Wexford County Handball Board setting an agenda to raise entry numbers and the profile of our 60 x 30 game. The new championship format along with club team event competitions will most certainly greatly improve the big alley game within the county which in turn will hopefully reap rewards within the provincial and national championships.

Senior singles: Tommy Hynes (St. Mary's), Peter McGrath (Coolgreany), Eugene Kelly (Castlebridge), Gavin Buggy (St. Joseph's), Paul Lambert (St. Joseph's), Darren O'Toole (Coolgreany), Jason Murphy (Castlebridge).

Intermediate singles: Micky Berry (Barntown), Malachy Whelan (Castlebridge), David Kenny (Castlebridge), Cory Murphy (Castlebridge).

Intermediate doubles: Micky Berry and Jim Berry (Barntown), Malachy Whelan and David Kenny (Castlebridge), Cory Murphy and Dean Power (Castlebridge).

Junior singles: Paul Lambert (St. Joseph's), Micheál Busher (Bridgetown), Micheál O'Neill (Templeudigan), Thomas Hall (Castlebridge), Mylie Connors (Barntown), Paddy Haughton (St. Mary's), John Roche (Castlebridge), David Redmond (Templeudigan), Niall Maher (Kilmyshall), Eugene Kelly (Castlebridge), Tony Breen (Templeudigan), Robert Byrne (Bridgetown), Peter McGrath (Coolgreany), Jason Murphy (Castlebridge), Daniel Kavanagh (St. Joseph's), Michael Goggins (Barntown), Darren O'Toole (Coolgreany), David Kenny (Castlebridge), Benny Doyle (Barntown), Malachy Whelan (Castlebridge), Phil Coleman (Ballymitty), Ricky Barron (Barntown).

Junior doubles: Malachy Whelan and John Roche (Castlebridge), Robert Byrne and Micheál Busher (Bridgetown), Benny Doyle and Barry McWilliams (Horeswood), Paddy Haughton and Matthew Hynes (St. Mary's), Micheál O'Neill and David Redmond (Templeudigan), Pádhraic Roberts and Niall Maher (Kilmyshall), Ricky Barron and Ronan Greene (Barntown).

Junior 'B' singles: Damien Kelly (Coolgreany), Alan O'Neill (Ballymitty), Pádhraic Roberts (Kilmyshall), Ronan Greene (Barntown), Seán Flood (St. Joseph's), Mylie Connors (Barntown), Tommy Armstrong (Kilmyshall), Michael Goggins (Barntown), Stephen Murphy (Castlebridge), Robert Doyle (St. Joseph's).

Junior 'B' doubles: Damien Kelly and Ned Connors (Coolgreany), Pádhraic Roberts and Tommy Armstrong (Kilmyshall), Frank Maddock and Paul Cleary (Ballymitty), Alan O'Neill and David Cleary (Ballymitty), Stephen Murphy and Brendan Murphy (Castlebridge), Robert Doyle and Seán Flood (St. Joseph's).

Junior 'C' singles: Mick Carty (St. Joseph's), Tom Byrne (Kilmyshall), Gavin Goggins (St. Mary's), Anthony Butler (Ballyhogue), John Murphy (Kilmyshall), Liam Rossiter (Ballyhogue), Patrick Boland (Templeudigan), Brian Busher (Bridgetown), Keith Armstrong (Kilmyshall), Eugene English (Ballyhogue), Eamon Codd (Bridgetown), Bryan Kehoe (Castlebridge), Seamie O'Neill (Ballymitty), Fintan Furlong (St. Mary's).

Junior 'C' doubles: Keith Armstrong and John Murphy (Kilmyshall), Seamie O'Neill and Marty Kinsella (Ballymitty), Billy Rossiter and Eugene English (Ballyhogue), Mick Carty and P.J. Lacey (St. Joseph's), Tom Byrne and Jimmy Dunne (Kilmyshall), Eamon Codd and Brian Busher (Bridgetown), Liam Rossiter and Anthony Butler (Ballyhogue).

Junior 'D' singles: Kevin Murphy (Ballymitty), Owen Redmond (Kilmyshall), David Rossiter (Barntown), John Byrne (Ballymitty), Mike Lacey (St. Martin's), Tommy Murphy (Kilmyshall), Barry Byrne (Ballymitty), Roger Doyle (Barntown), Robert Manton (Coolgreany), Terry Paige (St. Mary's), Timmy Farrell (Kilmyshall), P.J. Martin (Bridgetown), James Moran Jnr. (Ballymitty), Eddie Lawlor (Coolgreany), David Stanners (St. Martin's), Alan Armstrong (Kilmyshall), Walter Lawlor (Barntown), James Stanners (St. Martin's), Adam Hanrahan (Castlebridge), Brendan Holohan (Templeudigan).

Junior 'D' doubles: Tommy Murphy and Timmy Farrell (Kilmyshall), Barry Byrne and James Moran Jnr. (Ballymitty), Walter Lawlor and David Rossiter (Barntown), Stephen Kavanagh and Martin Crowley (St. Joseph's), Brendan Holohan and Brendan Fitzpatrick (Templeudigan), Owen Redmond and Alan Armstrong (Kilmyshall), Kevin Murphy and John Byrne (Ballymitty), Ciarán Busher and P.J. Martin (Bridgetown), Robert Manton and Eddie Lawlor (Coolgreany), James Greene Jnr. and Steven Kennedy (Davidstown).

35+ singles: Alan O'Neill (Ballymitty), Barry McWilliams (Horeswood), David Stanners (St. Martin's), Robert Byrne (Bridgetown), Ned Connors (Coolgreany), Paul Cleary (Ballymitty).

35+ doubles: Alan O'Neill and Paul Cleary (Ballymitty).

Masters 'A' singles: Shane Rossiter (Ballymitty) v. Phil Coleman (Ballymitty).

Masters 'A' doubles: Shane Rossiter and Phil Coleman (Ballymitty) v. Tom O'Shea and Pechelli English (Davidstown).

Masters 'B' singles: Ricky Barron (Barntown), John Roche (Castlebridge), Mick Carty (St. Joseph's), Damien Kelly (Coolgreany), Robert Doyle (St. Joseph's), Tommy Armstrong (Kilmyshall).

Masters 'B' doubles: David Cleary and Marty Kinsella (Ballymitty), Mick Carty and P.J. Lacey (St. Joseph's), Tommy Armstrong and Mick Murphy (Kilmyshall).

Golden Masters 'A' singles: Pechelli English (Davidstown) v. Declan Hart (Horeswood).

Golden Masters 'B' singles: Frank Maddock (Ballymitty), John Bail (St. Martin's), Eugene English (Ballyhogue), Stephen Murphy (Castlebridge), Aiden Sinnott (Ballymitty), Billy Rossiter (Ballyhogue).

Golden Masters 'B' doubles: Frank Maddock and Kevin Murphy (Ballymitty), Stephen Murphy and Brendan Murphy (Castlebridge), Mylie Byrne and Aiden Sinnott (Ballymitty), Billy Rossiter and Eugene English (Ballyhogue).

Emerald Masters 'A' singles: Jim Doyle (Barntown), Benny Doyle (Horeswood), Harry Lacey (St. Joseph's), Tony Breen (Templeudigan), Brendan Murphy (Castlebridge), Tom Byrne (Kilmyshall), Mylie Byrne (Ballymitty), Jimmy Dunne (Kilmyshall).

Women's singles: Holly Hynes (St. Mary's), Tanya O'Toole (Coolgreany), Anne Boland (Templeudigan), Courtney Browne (Coolgreany), Róisín Walsh (St. Joseph's), Olivia Sweeney (St. Joseph's), Tara Doyle (St. Martin's), Lisa Lacey (Ballymitty).

Women's Junior doubles: Tanya O'Toole and Una Hughes (Coolgreany), Olivia Sweeney and Róisín Walsh (St. Joseph's), Cora Doyle and Emma Sweeney (St. Joseph's).

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