Monday 22 April 2019

Club Call

David Simmons of Enniscorthy fights for the ball against Rathgar on Saturday
David Simmons of Enniscorthy fights for the ball against Rathgar on Saturday

Slaney Sharks: Thirteen swimmers represented the Slaney Sharks recently when they took part in both the charity gala and mini minnows gala in the National Aquatic Centre.

Abi Cullen (10) participated in four swims in the charity gala and achieved four personal best times. Abi swam the girls' 50m freestyle in 35.46 (-6.08), the 100m freestyle in 1:17.83 (-3.45), the 200m I.M. in 3:20.13 (-25.82), and the 100m breaststroke in 1:50.99 (-5.80).

Jenna Kirwan (9) took part in three swims. Jenna achieved two personal best times when she swam the girls' 50m freestyle in 46.62 (-1.95) and the 100m freestyle in 1:48.20 (-36.73). Jenna also swam the 100m breaststroke for the first time in 2:34.68.

Harry Nolan (11) achieved two personal best times. Harry swam the boys' 100m breaststroke in 2:07.46 (-12.94), and the 100m backstroke in 1:54.93 (-6.88).

Seán Bookey (16) participated in three swims. Seán swam the boys' 100m freestyle in 1:01.71, the 100m breaststroke in 1:30.17 (-18.44), and the 200m I.M. in 2:39.09.

Holly Furlong (11) took part in three swims and received three personal best times. She swam the girls' 200m freestyle in 2:40.05 (-7.66), the 100m butterfly in 1:38.42 (-3.61), and the 100m backstroke in 1:23.21 (-4.89).

Rioghna Hourihane (12) achieved two personal best times when she swam the girls' 200m freestyle in 2:37.68 (-12.30), and the 100m backstroke in 1:24.31 (-3.51).

Claire Whelan (10) swam the girls' 100m freestyle in a personal best of 1:35.65 (-8.67), and the 50m breaststroke in a personal best of 1:02.01 (-6.58). Claire also swam the 200m I.M. for the first time in 4:07.79.

Jack Nolan-Whitney (14) participated in four swims and achieved three personal best times. Jack swam the boys' 100m freestyle in 1:00.64 (-0.73), the 100m breaststroke in 1:29.96 (-12.18), the 50m freestyle in 28.42 (-0.24), and the 200m I.M. in 2:36.04.

Ava Whelan (8) swam the girls' 50m freestyle in a personal best of 54.92 (-0.50), the 100m freestyle in a personal best of 2:04.56 (-0.44), and the 50m breaststroke in a personal best of 1:14.07 (-6.74).

Amelia Furlong (9) took part in two swims. Amelia swam the girls' 50m butterfly in a time of 59.34 and the 50m backstroke in a personal best of 54.28 (-0.06).

Moving to the mini minnows event, Lauren Jordan (8) participated in four swims and received a silver medal when she swam the girls' 25m butterfly in a personal best of 27.16 (-6.33). Lauren also swam the 25m backstroke in a personal best of 31.18 (-1.31), the 25m breaststroke in 31.46, and the 25m freestyle in 24.01.

Eva Bayley (8) participated in four swims and received a silver medal in the girls' 25m freestyle in a personal best of 21.28 (-1.06). Eva also received a personal best in the 25m breaststroke in 31.37 (-0.47). She also swam the 25m backstroke in 26.20 and the 25m butterfly in 27.62.

Gráinne Hourihane (8) swam the girls' 25m backstroke in 32.46, the 25m breaststroke in 31.21, the 25m butterfly in 31.75, and the 25m freestyle in 24.52.

All the Slaney Shark swimmers had a fantastic day and would love to thank everybody who made it so enjoyable, especially their coach, Liam Murphy.


After weeks of preparation, gear bags were packed recently for the prestigious Ballycotton '10'. A total of 32 Olympians braved the cold and wet conditions and great results (provisional) were achieved with many P.B's reported.

Kevin Murphy is returning to good form as the sole member to break the hour in a fantastic time of 58:27 (67th position).

Results: Davy Kehoe 60:06, Jess O'Connor 61:42, John Foley 62:16, Brian Maher 63:02, Colin Garry 63:18, 'Pudgy' Hyland 63:53, Will Doyle 66:07, Dec Ivers 66:45, Catherine Murphy 67:31, Ger Murphy 67:33, Fergus Murphy 67:38, Emily Waldron-O'Connor 69:28, Davy Bolger 69:51, Eamon Saunders 72:29, Kelly Long 73:24, Mick Quigley 76:54, Annemarie Nolan 78:45, Margaret Cahill 80:07, Ciara Kearney 81:14, Clodagh Connolly 81:22, Esther O'Leary 82:48, Mag Dunphy 83:40, Dooley French 85:33, Sarah Walsh 85:40, Karen and Paddy Tull 90:42, Vincent Byrne 90:53, Emma Doran 90:56 (P.B.), Tracy Kavanagh 91:30, Bernie Miller 93:44. A special well done to all who received their first Ballycotton mugs.

Brendan Dillon ran a Johnstown Parkrun P.B. of 19:40, finishing in third overall position. Brendan is showing some fine form in his preparations for the upcoming county Novice Road Race.

Other results: Peter Ryan (sixth) 20:25, Katey Gregan 23:02, Mary Gorham 23:18, Louise Nolan-Ryan 25:26, Brigid Doyle 33:55, Dee Boland 38:21. It was great to see Louise returning to competition.

More athletes participated in the St. Patrick's Special School 5k. Conor Hyland finished in second position to S.B.R's Joe Lillis. Well done Conor.

Slaney Olympic played host on Sunday to the Mr Oil Wexford County Novice road race, held out the Old Dublin Road in Enniscorthy, with registration taking place courtesy of Donohoe's Skoda Garage and Austin Codd.

The ladies' 3k race was first off at 11 a.m. with 50 runners starting on the Main Road just above the roundabout, with one full lap of the V to race. A total of 19 ladies took part from the club with Julie Kirwan taking the honours in first place to win gold in a great time of 11.26.

The ladies finished up winning both team gold and team bronze which is an incredible achievement for the club. Well done to all the ladies who took part and raced for the club, because every place counts.

Directly after the ladies' race, the men's 6k race started and with 2.5 laps of the V to race, it was going to be a challenging race. In total 52 men crossed the line and Slaney had 18 members taking part.

First home for the club was men's captain Billy Reck in a great time of 20.54, and the men's team went on to win gold to round off a great day for the club.

Slaney Olympic would like to thank all the helpers, marshals, bakers, photographers and supporters for coming out and cheering us on. Go Slaney go!

Full club results: Julie Kirwan 11:26, Vanessa McShane 12:28, Mary Gorham 12:32, Katie Gregan 12:38, Ann Marie Nolan 12:58, Esther O'Leary 12:59, Mag Cahill 13:02, Sarah Walsh-Byrne 13:10, Mag Dunphy 13:16, Clodagh Connolly 13:20, Sabina Sweeney 13:26, Ciara Kearney 13:27, Maura Neville 14:17, Emma Doran 14:37, Susan Dempsey 15:08, Gretta Roberts-Tyrell 15:21, Karen Tull 15:27, Tracy Kavanagh 15:30, Pam Kehoe 16:58.

Men's 6k: Billy Reck 20:54, Conor Hyland 21:05, David Kehoe 21:19, Jessie O'Connor 22:01, 'Pudgy' Hyland 22:12, Colin Garry 22:32, Declan Ivers 22:34, Fergus Murphy 22:44, Peter Ryan 23:11, Malo Roban 23:26, Mick Nolan 23:33, Brendan Dillon 23:38, Chris Squance 24:32, Mick Quigley 24:42, Sunday Nzerem 26:01, Mick Thorpe 26:47, Fran Millar 27:27, Stephen Byrne 33:12. Well done everyone.

Bobby Redmond was the winner on Saturday in the Johnstown Caste Parkrun in a time of 17:29. Well done Bobby. Also taking part from the club were Louise Nolan-Ryan (24:47), Andy Staff (29:39), Brigid Doyle (33:07) and Dee Boland (39:19).

Ger Dempsey and Margaret Sludds were in action again on Sunday, this time taking on the Knockathon East Antrim Marathon. Well done folks.

Club training continues Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. for all club members at the Sports Hub. If you are interested in joining Slaney Olympic, details can be found on our Facebook page or website:


The hockey men of Enniscorthy's first team were on the road yet again as they made the journey up the M11 to The High School, Rathgar, to take on Rathgar thirds on a glorious spring afternoon. On the teams' previous meeting in Enniscorthy last November, it ended with a 2-0 win for Enniscorthy.

The south-east men started strong with early forays of attacking play down both wings, with David Simmons and John McWey combining well together on the left-hand side Similarly, Andrew Rothwell and Niall Maguire combined well on the right-hand side.

The visitors came close to opening their goal count on a number of occasions, such as shots from Daithí Medcalf and from Andrew Rothwell who took a reverse stick shot that narrowly went wide of the top corner of the goal.

A strong Rathgar defence and narrow misses by Enniscorthy prevented any change in the score at this point. Midway through the first-half Rathgar won a short corner from which they succeeded in slotting the ball by 'keeper Graham Hill and his defence.

After this, Rathgar were awarded a number of short corners but the Slaneysiders were awake to the threat that the attackers possessed and were able to deal with their attempts. Shortly after, Enniscorthy, who had been awarded a number of short corners themselves, took their chance to attack the Rathgar goal.

A ball struck by Roy Chapman was deflected in the direction of the goal by David Simmons, and upon rebounding after being saved by the home side's 'keeper, Simmons struck again and slotted the ball into the back of the net. Chapman came close himself when a shot from the top of the circle went within millimetres of the Rathgar goal.

At half-time Doyle's men knew that while they had some strong attacks, they had not taken full advantage of them. Rathgar knew the game was still there for the taking and started the second-half strong but, thanks to a solid defence, Hill wasn't called upon on many occasions.

However, fatigue seemed to seep through both teams as neither could open up their opposition's defence and the game went on to finish as a 1-1 draw.

Enniscorthy have their final home game of the league this coming Saturday when they take on Avoca at 1 p.m. in the Astro Active Centre, Bellefield.

Enniscorthy: Graham Hill, Clive Rothwell, Mick Jordan, P.J. Pierce, Ivan Rothwell, Andrew Rothwell, David Simmons, Daithí Medcalf, Roy Chapman, John McWey, Niall Maguire, Eamon Sweeney. Coach: Donal Doyle; Manager: Fraser Rothwell.

Enniscorthy ladies' firsts had a solid victory over Wexford seconds on a fresh and mild Sunday morning at the Astro Active Centre, Enniscorthy.

The 'Scorthy girls got off to a good start and were awarded a short corner in the first three minutes but it was quickly cleared by Wexford. This made the home side fight harder.

Katie Owen switched a great ball across the pitch to Leah Chapman who slipped it into the circle to captain Lisa Frayne and she had a cracker of a shot into the back of the net, giving the Wexford goalkeeper no chance.

With good link play between Anna Flood, Sonja Rynhart and Lisa Frayne, another goal was awarded when Anna crossed a lovely ball which met with Sonja and she scored on the rebound.

Again there was nice play coming from the backs where Áine O'Brien was sending strong balls into Anna in the midfield who then passed to Sonja and took a shot, but unfortunately it went wide.

Wexford fought back and attacked the 'Scorthy goal but Áine cleverly shadowed the players and won a turnaround. Moments later, Wexford won a short corner but thankfully it went wide.

Just before half-time, the Enniscorthy ladies had a few attempts on goal but nothing came from them. Sonja's fantastic deflection on one ball just narrowly missed getting inside the post.

Enniscorthy came out strong in the second-half and attacked straight away from tip-off. There was an attack by Wexford, but it was blocked by Leah Chapman at the top of the D.

The Wexford ladies won a free outside the Enniscorthy circle. Goalkeeper Fiona Rothwell made a great save and sent the ball out to the wing. Kim O'Connor, on her debut with the firsts, sent a great ball up the right wing to Bridget Gainford which was then collected by Lisa and passed onto Anna who took a shot on goal but was unlucky not to score.

Sonja won one of Wexford's hit-outs, passed a quick and sharp ball into Lisa who scored in the right corner of the goal. Soon again, the 'Scorthy girls had an attack on their opponents' circle but the shot went wide.

Lisa Frayne's hat-trick came when she took a shot just inside the top of the D and successfully sent it into the left corner of the net. The Slaneysiders got another short corner but didn't manage to put it on the scoreboard.

Wexford's attack got a breakthrough when they sent the ball down the line and into the 'Scorthy D where the ball hit the post, and this was quickly cleared by Ruth Harrington up the line.

There were great attacks made by Caroline Doyle and Sonja on the wing, and Sonja made use of the ball with her reverse stick sending it into the bottom right corner of the goal.

More beautiful link-ups and play took place between Anna and Ruth. Ruth then took a sideline ball, passing it into Leah who then passed to Sonja who again made a beautiful reverse flick and was granted a goal, giving her a hat-trick also.

After Wexford's pass back, Enniscorthy were strong in attack and won a short. Áine's pass out to Sonja at the top of the D and onto Laura O'Leary just barely missed the goalpost.

Towards the end Ruth Harrington got her first goal of the season when she connected with a rebounded shot of Lisa's and pushed it past the goalie's feet to make it 7-0.

Enniscorthy: Fiona Rothwell, Kim O'Connor, Áine O'Brien, Katie Owen, Ruth Harrington, Anna Flood, Lisa Frayne, Bridget Gainford, Leah Chapman, Caroline Doyle, Sonja Rynhart, Laura O'Leary.

The Astro Active Centre in Enniscorthy hosted the cup semi-final recently where Enniscorthy ladies' seconds played a tough game against Wexford firsts.

Wexford gained a short corner five minutes after tip-off but a goal was not conceded as the shot was struck to the right of the goalpost.

This lucky escape gave Enniscorthy the urge to reform themselves when a ball passed from defender Aine O'Brien allowed attacker Róisín Nolan to carry strongly up the line, but she was stopped by an oncoming Wexford player and the visitors were awarded a free from the halfway mark.

A quick free allowed the Wexford side to enter Enniscorthy's circle, leaving an open shot on goalie Fiona Rothwell. Fiona made a fantastic save and the ball was then worked out by back Serena Hatton.

The teams did not stay level for much longer as a Wexford short corner allowed the ball to find Enniscorthy's net, leaving the score now 1-0 to the visitors.

From push back, Enniscorthy worked the ball through Wexford's midfield where Niamh Buttle sent a potentially super cross from the left side to far post but unfortunately it was not found by an Enniscorthy player.

Bridget Gainford and Stephanie Kinsella's hard battling in midfield kept Wexford's Lisa Codd and Miriam Lambert very much away from Enniscorthy's circle. Later in the first-half Wexford earned another short corner which was well defended by Enniscorthy but unfortunately led to a second short corner.

Enniscorthy back Aine O'Brien made a great clearance which allowed the girls to work the ball out again. Soon again Wexford were on the attack and managed to rattle Enniscorthy's net which tied up the first-half with Wexford leading 2-0.

Enniscorthy entered the second-half with a renewed vigour, but It wasn't long until Wexford obtained the first short corner of the second-half and their striker scored a powerful goal.

Wexford entered the circle with power and scored once again before the end. The final whistle blew, resulting in a 4-0 victory to Wexford.

Enniscorthy: Fiona Rothwell, Kim O'Connor, Róisín O Muirí, Aine O Brien, Róisín Nolan, Serena Hatton, Caroline Doyle, Niamh Buttle, Meagan Petzke, Georgina Izatt, Róisín Bridges, Orlaith Breen, Saoirse Power, Stephanie Kinsella, Bridget Gainford, Laura Redmond. Coaches: Ivanna Yates, Irene Doyle, Jacinta Kinsella, Aoife Foran (capt.).

S.B.R. A.C.

S.B.R. had seven finishers in the Ballycotton 10 Mile on Sunday, March 6, in cold and wet conditions. Noel Kennedy led the men home with a tremendous finish in 45th place out of more than 2,500 finishers in 57:26.

Full results: Noel Kennedy 57:26, Patrick Curley 1:00:07, Jim O'Malley 1:01:00, David Leonard 1:01:26, Tommy Levingston 1:02:33, Shane Gregan 1:07:03, Stephen Whelan 1:11:38.

Joe Lillis led home the field and a big S.B.R. contingent at the St. Patrick's School 5k in Enniscorthy on Sunday, winning going away in 17:12. The S.B.R. women though stole the show and put four in the top 20 overall including 1, 2 and 3 in the women's race! Lillian Lawless led them home in ninth in 20:51, with Ciara Bowe close behind.

Full results: Joe Lillis 17:12 (first overall), Tomás Breen 19:40 (fifth overall), Lillian Lawless 20:51 (ninth overall), Ciara Bowe 21:23 (tenth overall), Belinda Kehoe 21:52, Emma Morris 23:25, Claire Gibbons 23:58, Mag O'Leary 26:44, Orla Fogarty 29:22.

Eugene Doherty finished second overall in a time of 20:02 out of 349 finishers in the Go Neon 5k race in Wicklow on Saturday, March 5.

On a wet night, Lillian Lawless and Paul Gibbons led home twelve women and eleven men in the second S.B.R. spring league race over two miles. Come down and join us this Tuesday (March 15) at 6.45 p.m.

Women (two miles): 1, Lillian Lawless 13:18; 2, Belinda Kehoe 13:50; 3, Emma Morris 14:49; 4, Dawn Dunbar 14:58; 5, Claire Gibbons 15:29; 6, Louise Kehoe 15:51; 7, Lisa Murphy 15:54; 8, Deirdre O'Malley 16:35; 9, Mairéad O'Neill 16:42; 10, Frances Murphy 18:32; 11, Tina Morris 18:33; 12, Collette Leacy 19:31.

Men (two miles): 1, Paul Gibbons 11:30; 2, Jim O'Malley 11:50; 3, Stephen Tyrell 12:09; 4, Tomás Breen 12:13; 5, Brian Kearney 12:16; 6, Denis Moynihan 12:33; 7, Jarlath Duffy 12:46; 8, Pa Cronin 13:16; 9, Ray Byrne 13:28; 10, Daire Sheridan 13:30; 11, Michael Breen 13:45.

If anybody is interested in joining S.B.R. and would like more information, please feel free to contact our Secretary, Louise Kehoe, on 086-8276661 or our P.R.O., Jim O'Malley, on 087-7559683.

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