Sunday 21 April 2019

'Boran Duke' upsets odds while 'Skyview Blue' shines

IT IS that time of year again as the Boylesports greyhound derby approaches. The trial stakes are now being run all over the country and the two semi-finals of the Enniscorthy event featured on Thursday night last.

The Michael O'Grady (Enniscorthy)-owned 'Boran Duke' upset the odds in the first semi when getting the better of favourite 'Piercestown Lucy' by half a length in a time of 30.33. In the second semi the well-fancied 'Skyview Blue', owned by Eugene Dempsey (Castlebridge), made no mistake, showing with a good early dash and going on to score in a fast 30.08. He should be hard to beat in this week's final.

There was a Wexford win in the Derby Trial Stake in Waterford last weekend when the Anton Buter-trained 'Norristown Bud' put in a fine performance to score another big win for the Sawdust syndicate team. No doubt Richie Doyle's Butchers, Main Street, Wexford will feed some choice cuts to this fellow in the run up to the derby.

Breeder Eilish McCann (Gorey) enjoyed the racing from Nottingham last week as her breed was to the fore when 'Pay Freeze' ('Ace Hi Rumble-Ballinclare Dime') returned to his best form after suffering an injury during the English Derby when lifting the prestigious Select Stakes.

There was also a fine success at Shelbourne Park on Saturday night when the John Kavanagh (Enniscorthy)-trained and John Somers-owned 'Vinnerby' put in a superb run when beating 'Ballymac Vic' in his semi-final of the Champion Stakes. He will line up for this week's final of this group one event with every chance of lifting this major prize.

Race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A4 525: 1, 'Hee Haws Isildur' (owner, Ciarán Burke, Navan; trainer, Aidan Denton, Enniscorthy; 'Westmead Hawk-Breathing Fire'), 29.35; 2, 'Dats My Dog' ('Kiltrea Kev-White Oasis'), 29.56.

Race two, Bet With The Tote A4 575: 1, 'Lord Swift' (owner, Tommy Woods, Enniscorthy; 'Head Bound-Knockroe Magpie'), 32.16; 2, 'Nametab Avatar' ('Green Heat-Polar Floss'), 32.44.

Race three, Intertrack Betting A3 525: 1, 'Great Machine' (owner, Gerard Langan, Co. Kilkenny; trainer, William Finn; 'Flying Stanley-Dynamite Stripes'), 29.11; 2, 'Effernogue Diva' ('Fatboyz Tyson').

Race four, The Show Grounds A3 575: 1, 'Rockmount West' (owner, Irene Bolton-Lee, Ballycanew; 'Westmead Hawk-Rockmount Fancy'), 32.26; 2, 'Elite Kitrea' (owner, John Doyle, Kiltrea; 'Ace Hi Rumble-Kiltrea Lucy'), 32.46.

Race five, The Barking Buzz A2 525: 1, 'Willies Anto' (owner, William Robinson, Wexford; trainer, Nick Turner; 'Crash-Belesker Kate'), 29.40; 2, 'Right So Chicken' ('Lenson Bolt-Vintage Kewell'), 29.41.

Race six, Irish Greyhound Derby semi-final: 1, 'Boderan Duke' ('Duke Special-Yahoo Lilly'), 30.33; 2, 'Piercestown Lucy' ('Westmead Hawk-Piercestown Pet'), 30.36.

Race seven, Irish Greyhound Derby semi-final: 1, 'Skyview Blue' ('Archaton Pine-Vintage Kewell'), 30.08; 2, 'Station Panther' ('Milldean Panther-Five Gold Bars'), 30.25.

Race eight, The Track Bar A1 525: 1, 'Kiltrea Luke' (owner, John Doyle, Kiltrea; 'Kiltrea Kev-Kiltrea Ally'), 29.14; 2, 'Kick On Jamie' ('Moveit Jamie-Express Alarm').

Race nine, Next Meeting Monday 21st July A2 575: 1, 'Whitefort Rocky' (owner, Michael O'Connor, Oylegate; trainer, John Kavanagh, Enniscorthy; 'Hades Rocket-Whitefort Nell'), 31.98; 2, 'Piercestown Club' ('Ace Hi Rumble-Piercestown Pet'), 32.15.

July 14 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A7 525: 1, 'Willmount Ebony' (owner, Oliver McGrath, Castlebridge; 'Forest Master-Vintage Kewell'), 29.66.

Race two: 1, 'Wicklow Rose' (owner, Cora Jones, Co. Wicklow; 'Makeshift-Serrano'), 29.40.

Race three, The Barking Buzz A5 525: 1, 'Monamolin Taylor' (owners, Frances and Ryan Gleeson, Monamolin; 'Swords Prince-Monamolin Tiger'), 29.28.

Race four, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday & Saturday A5 575: 1, 'Butterbridge Dom' (owner, George Roche, Barntown; 'Duke Special-Rubik Ruby'), 31.96.

Race five, The Track Supporters' Club A5 525 semi-final: 1, 'Sleedagh Mac' (owner, Kevin O'Gorman, Sleedagh; 'Forest Master-Forest Heidi'), 29.52.

Race six, The Track Supporters' Club A5 525 semi-final: 'Carrigoe Naomi' (owner, Derek Wilde, Enniscorthy; 'Ninja Jamie-Marys Moment'), 29.87.

Race seven, The Track Bar A4 525: 1, 'Bushinthegap' (owner, Stuart Gethings, Enniscorthy; 'Head Bound-Kavroc Sally'), 29.56.

Race eight, Next Meeting Thursday 17th July A3 525: 1, 'Lord Wonder' (owner, Tommy Woods, Enniscorthy; 'Skywalker Ace-Forest Holly'), 29.25.

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