Saturday 20 July 2019

With book launch and Cold Feet, things are hotting up for Carmel

Carmel Harrington.
Carmel Harrington.

Town and Country Life with Maria Nolan

Carmel Harrington, Chairperson of Wexford Literary Festival and author of Beyond Graces Rainbow, Every Time A Bell Rings, The Things I Should Have Told You and The Life You Left launched her her fifth book The Woman at 72 Derry Lane last week.

Set on a leafy street in Dublin the novel explores the unlikely friendship between two neighbours. Cleverly interweaving two storylines, Carmel Harrington, has done it again with a hugely evocative, heart warming story of two families surviving trauma and desperately trying to find a way forward. Domestic abuse, grief and agoraphobia are handled with great sensitivity as well as humour and readers will laugh and cry as they turn the pages so much so that Harper Collins are issuing a pack of tissues with every copy!

The Woman at 72 Derry Lane is of particular interest to Yours Truly as my good friend Carmel has created a character in the book called Maria Nolan. Based on me or not I have no idea and cannot wait to read this latest novel from the 'Queen of Emotional Writing' as described by Woman's Way.

And that is not Carmel's only piece of news, methinks this lovely lady and gifted writer has truly found gold at the end of her rainbow having been chosen from a myriad of authors to write Cold Feet: The Lost Years.

Anyone who was watching TV in the 1990s and early noughties will remember the hugely popular Cold Feet drama on ITV. We loved it for being both funny and heart-breaking, for presenting warm, honest, flawed-but-real people who felt more like our mates than characters on a screen.

In autumn 2017, Cold Feet comes back on our screens for a seventh series and alongside it will be published an original Cold Feet novel - Cold Feet: The Lost Years written by our very own Carmel Harrington in collaboration with the show's creator Mike Bullen.

And how cool is that?

The novel will be set between the old and new series, filling in the gaps - 'It's the missing piece of the puzzle that the shows millions of fans have been waiting for'.

ITV Producer Mike Bullen says 'I'm delighted that a writer of the calibre of Carmel Harrington is taking on the challenge of joining the dots between the original Cold Feet and its recent incarnation. Like other fans of the show, I'm excited to catch up with the characters lives in the intervening years'.

Carmel Harrington, who beat off stiff competition to be chosen said: 'I've been a die-hard fan of Cold Feet from that first electric pilot episode in 1997. It's a joy to write further adventures for these beloved characters, created by the incredible Mike Bullen. I'm honoured and excited to work with him and the team at ITV.'

Cold Feet: The Lost Years will publish in hardcover and eBook on 5th September and will be supported by an innovative and far-reaching marketing and publicity plan.

All at the Wexford Literary Festival are delighted for our esteemed Chairperson and excited about the future possibilities for her and indeed the Festival - could we perhaps be looking at another red carpet event here in Enniscorthy - well who knows!

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