Wednesday 21 August 2019

St Senan's pupils hit the stage

Elaina Cleary in St. Senan’s Primary School Drama Group’s production of their musical ‘Abba’
Elaina Cleary in St. Senan’s Primary School Drama Group’s production of their musical ‘Abba’
St. Senan’s Primary School Drama Group who staged an Abba themed musical directed by Gearóid McCauley in the school on Wednesday

Brendan Keane

The pupils in St Senan's Primary School in Enniscorthy are a very talented bunch and that fact was underlined last week when they participated in the school musical 'Abba'.

It's not unusual for the halls of the school to reverberate to the sound of singing and music throughout the year and while its reputation for academic excellence is well known the school is held in equally high regard to the quality of its creative endeavours.

The school's annual Christmas shows always attract huge numbers of parents and family members.

A spokesperson for the school commented: 'This year saw bigger numbers than ever coming to support the children.'

In recent years the school commemorated 1916 by creating a CD called 'Songs of '16' which featured the pupils singing historic 1916 and modern songs.

'The CD was a huge success,' said the spokesperson.

Last week's school musical marked yet another successful creative venture for the pupils.

It was also very well attended by parents and guardians.

The show's director, Gearóid McCauley, said there is a great creative culture in the school.

'There has been a wonderful culture of singing and performing in our school and we are delighted to see the next generation of children continue this great tradition,' he said.

'There is wonderful musical talent across our school community and we were delighted to celebrate that with the family and friends of the children who have come to support them,' he added.

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