Monday 27 January 2020

Rathnure panto is a roaring success

Rebecca Twomey (narrator), Ben Kavanagh (Action Man) and Brenda Binnions (Wendy-why-why)
Rebecca Twomey (narrator), Ben Kavanagh (Action Man) and Brenda Binnions (Wendy-why-why)

Brendan Keane

The hall in Rathnure provided the venue for the local pantomime society's latest production during the festive season and the show, 'Toybox the Panto', proved to be a massive hit.

Some people say Rathnure Pantomime Society is the hardest working community group in the country and anyone who witnessed this show would be hard pressed to argue against that being the case.

Over 100 people were involved in the show on and off the stage and an amazing amount of work went into getting everything right for the run of sold out shows in the hall.

It was also the 25th panto for the society which began staging the annual shows in 1995 but went down the original road in 2004.

It's the originality of the productions that makes the Rathnure society stand out from their contemporaries.

'Toybox the Panto' was written by and co-produced by John Reilly and Liam Sharkey.

The story time around centred on a toy shop that's on the verge of closing because children all want electronic devices.

However, thanks to one girl, 'Joanne', whose grandparents own the Toyshop, and who still believed in toys and her own imagination the audience was brought on a roller coaster ride that included everything from Bo Peep and her sheep, the Wizard of Oz, a very different Red Riding Hood, Action Man, the hulk, and even Anna and Elsa, from Frozen.

'Toybox the Panto' was, as usual, an original new production and the cast and crew enhanced their reputation for quality performances with a show that was a delight from every perspective.

From the dialogue to the songs and from choreography to the fantastic costumes every little detail was covered ensuring that the audience had a great night out.

Everyone involved with the production was delighted with the turnout each night, the reception the show received, and with the applause at the end of each performance.

Enniscorthy Guardian