Wednesday 22 November 2017

October release date for the new Maverick Sabre album

New Ross's own Maverick Sabre has announced that his new album 'Innerstanding' will go on sale in October, while putting old friends from the town on red alert by saying that anyone could end up in a song.

Born Michael Stafford, the hit R&B artist was raised in New Ross, moving to the town when he was just four years old. Stafford has often told of the influence which being raised in a town like New Ross has had on his career and he has said that it has given him a different perspective to other artists on the music scene.

Having announced the release of the new album in October, he added that one of the tracks, 'Mumma', was dedicated to his mother who he says was a massive influence and support to getting to where he is now and enjoying his current success. He said that she was 'freaked out' when she heard that a song about her would feature on the album but he says that 'I tell people all around me that they might end up in a song!'

A whistle stop tour of the UK has also been announced for October, but fans from his home town and all over Ireland may have to wait just a little while longer as no Irish dates have been released yet.

Enniscorthy Guardian

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