Tuesday 18 June 2019

Lady and the unicorn

Carol O’Neill
Carol O’Neill
Michelle David, Kate and Erin Doyle from Clonee at The Lady and the Unicorn in The Presentation Centre

Brendan Keane

The Presentation Centre provided the venue for a unique workshop when it played host to a multimedia experience called 'The Lady and the Unicorn'.

The show was as much about fun as it was about promoting artistic creativity.

A multimedia art talk it included analysis of over 30 artworks inspired by European Celtic mythology.

With the emphasis placed firmly on engagement and fun the workshop was written and presented by Carol O'Neill.

The topics covered ranged from WB Yeats and Game of Thrones to 15th century unicorn tapestries.

Those in attendance also got to indulge in some free chocolate which added to their enjoyment.

The presentation was, at times, very humourous while also giving people some very valuable knowledge about the art world.

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