Wednesday 26 June 2019

Glorious day of rowing in Bannow Bay

Members of Killurin Rowing Club racing on the day
Members of Killurin Rowing Club racing on the day
The Edermine under-12 girls’ crew: Sarah O’Leary,Lucy Ivors,cox Ruairi Murphy cox, Mary Aliza Murphy and Orla Cunnea

David Looby

Rowers from across the county enjoyed a fantastic day on Bannow Bay for the annual annual St Kearns Regatta.

The water conditions were perfect for the 116 crews from Edermine, Ferrycarrig, Killurin and St Kearns that competed in 26 race categories.

St Kearns chairman Pete Mullins was thrilled to see so many new members in the junior categories.

He said: 'It was brilliant to see the delight on their faces when they competed in their first rowing races after many weeks of hard training. It was also a pleasure to see so many parents of the new juniors racing for their first time'.

Competition was fierce and the standard of rowing excellent as many rowers trained hard through the winter months with cross training in cycling, ergs, strength and conditioning etc.

St Kearns would like to especially thank sponsors on the day of Bcosy Wood Briquettes, AHP Electrical Engineering, The Vine Cottage and BHA Construction Ltd.

Dates for the next regattas are: Killlurin on Sunday, August 5, Edermine on Saturday and Sunday, August 11, and August 12 and Trolls and Maudlintown are to be confirmed.

The results of the competitions were: under-18 girls: First Killurin Shauna Sinnott, Micheala Lanigan, Caoimhe O'Conor, Shaunine McDonald, Cox Jay O'Conor; second place: St Kearns: Hazel Hickey, Eva Mcnullty, Megan Foley, Cox Peter Mullens; under-14 boys B: first Killurin: Erin Walsh, Callum Ennis, Liam O'Reilly, Ben Kelly, Cox Jay O'Connor; second place, Edermine: Brendan Devereux, Seán Kavanagh, Daniel McCauley, Declan Walsh, Cox Rory Murphy; under-16 girls: Ist place: Ferrycarrig: Sarah Bohan, Jodie Boyle, Martina D'Arcy, Sarah D'Arcy; second place Killurin: Shaunine McDonald, Hannah Corley, Jessie Akinyemi, Ella Walsh, Cox Jay O'Conor; first class men: First Place, Edermines: Peter Mullins, Chris Corey, Rory Murphy, Donal Hartitan, Cox Josh Martin; second place: Killurin: Tom Stafford, Nigel Donoghue, Jim Sludds, Jim Power; under-14 boys A, first place: Edermines: Justin Kosset, Levi Roza, Sam Gergerty, Conor Walsh, Cox Corey Macken; second place: Alan Hawkins, Erin Bonington, Conor Mackenizie, Robin Hawkins, Cox Jay O'Conor; third class men: first place: St Kearns: Robin Noel, Declan Dunne, Ryan Egan, Felicia Black, Cox Richard Roche; second place: Ferrycarrig: Aidan Kent, Bobby Newport, Matthew Corrigan, Chloe Colfer, Cox Corey Mahon; under-12 girls A: first place: St Kearns: Heidi O'Shea: Molly O'Shea, Hazel Stafford, Eoibhe Colfer, Cox Peter Mullins; second place: Edermines: Orla Cunnea, Mary Eliza, Lucy Ivers, Sarah O'Leary, Cox Rory Murphy; under-18 boys: first place: Edermines: Josh Martin, Cathal O'Rourke, Shane Borders, Clara O'Leary, Cox Rory Murphy: Second place: St Kearns: Patrick O'Regan, Ryan Egan, Justin Ross, Micky O'Regan, Cox Richard Roche; under-12 girls B: first place: Kilurin: Emma Walsh, Catherine O'Reilly, Tina O'Reilly, Louise Doyle, Cox Natasha Hamilton; second place: Killurin: Aoife Walsh, Ella Codd, Sadhbh McDonald, Eadaoin Fanning, Cox Jay O'Conor; third Class Ladies: first place, St Kearns: Eppie Frost (RIP), Nicole Frost, Tamera Rowe, Trish Whelan, Cox Patrick Regan; second class ladies: first class, Edermines: Jacquai Murphy, Bernie D'Arcy, Liz Ivers, Deirdre Kavanagh, Cox Rory Murphy; second class, Ferrycarrig: See Morrin, Alex Devere, Chloe Colfer, Lorraine Foley, Cox Cory Mahon; second class men, first place, St Kearns: Patrick O'Regan, John Culleton, Zac Lavery, Mickey O'Regan, Cox Richard Roche; second place, Killurin: Peter Nolan, Mick Carty, Shane Stafford, Jim Sludds, Cox Jay O'Conor; under-12 boys A, first place: Ferrycarrig: Liam Bohan, Jim Carty, Alex Devere, Fiona Gallagher, Cox Corey Mahon; second place, St Kearns: Adam Stafford, Aed McNulty, Eoin Noel, Brian Codd; under-12 boys b, first place, St Kearns: Aaron Cahill, Tommy Culleton, Seán Power, Harvey Montager, Cox Peter Mullins; first Class Mixed, first place, Killurin: Eve Corcoran, Tom Stafford, Nigel Donoghue, Natasha Hamilton, Cox Tom Butler, second place, St Kearns: Sarah Hazel McGee, Áine Kehoe, Richard Roche, Peter Mullens, Cox Patrick O'Regan; third Class Mixed: first place, St Kearns: Robin Noel, Declan Dunne, Eppie Frost (RIP), Felicity Black, Cox Patrick O'Regan; second Place, Ferrycarrig: Aidan Kent, Jess Mangan, Fiona Kelly, Bobby Newport, Cox Cory Mahon; first class ladies, first place: Killurin: Natasha Hamilton, Eve Corcoran, Shannon White, Selena Hamliton, Cox Tom Butler; second place, St Kearns: Hazel McGee, Áine Kehoe, Ingrid Frost, Bridget Wickham, Cox Richard Roche; under-14 girls A: first place: Ferrycarrig: Sarah Bohan, Jodie Boyle, Marrissa D'Arcy, Sarah Mahon, Cox Corey Mahon; second place: Killurin.

Jessie Akinyemi, Alanna McDonald, Hannah Corley, Niamh Walsh, Cox Jay O'Conor; Pre-vet men: First place, Killurin: Chris Corely, Tom Butler, Pete Noche, Jim Sludds, Cox Jay O'Conor; second place, St Kearns: Richard Roche, Robin Noel, John Culleton, Declan Dunne, Cox Peter Mullins; Pre-Vet Ladies, first place, Killurin: Natasha Hamilton, Selena Hamliton, Bernie O'Connor, Jetta McDonald, Cox Jay O'Conor; second place, Edermines: Mairead Curtis, Bernie D'Arcy, Liz Ivers, Jacqui Murphy, Cox Josh Martin; under-16 boys, first place, Edermines: Evan Murphy, Justin Cossets, David McCauley, John Kavanagh, Cox Rory Murphy; second place, Killurin: Justin Dempsey, Jack Walsh, Elliot Doyle, Tadgh Bonington, Cox Jay O'Conor; second class mixed, first place, Killurin: Ciara O'Neill, Sorcha O'Connor, Jackie Sweeney, Shane Stafford, Cox Jay O'Conor; second place, St Kearns: Patrick O'Regan, Mickey O'Regan, Saoirse Sinnott, Becci Cantwell, Cox Richard Roche; Veteran Mixed, first place, Edermines: John Kavanagh, John Murphy, Bernie D'Arcy, Liz Ivers, Cox Josh Martin; second place: Killurin, Mick Carty, Bernie O'Conor, Angela Carty, MJ Walsh, Cox Jay O'Conor; Open Ladies pair oar, first place, Killurin: Natasha Hamilton, Eve Corcoran, Cox Jay O'Conor; second place, St Kearns: Rene Mullins, Hazel McGee, Cox Richard Roche; Open men pair oar, first place, Killurin: Tom Stafford, Chris Corley, Cox Tom Butler; second place: Killurin: Nigel Donoghue and Shane Stafford.

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