Sunday 22 September 2019

Folk and ballad festival invokes pride and fun

Reilly's Men performing in Doyle's, The Duffry.
Reilly's Men performing in Doyle's, The Duffry.
The Navvies performing in Treacy's Hotel.

Brendan Keane

The Enniscorthy folk and ballad festival which took place recently in the town was a great success.

A wide variety of acts performed during the weekend and while they all fitted comfortably within the 'folk and ballad' genre the range of material performed was an eclectic mix of well-known favourites and some lesser known songs.

The repertoires of songs had audience member clapping and singing along in various venues throughout the town while there was a programme of fringe events that ensured all members of the family were thoroughly entertained throughout the weekend.

A charity duck race provided a very entertaining spectacle on the river and members of Slaney Search and Rescue supported the event by keeping a close watch on things on the water.

The folk and ballad scene in Ireland is very popular and that was underlined by the number of people who attended the different gigs and events in the town.

A significant aspect of the festival this year was that it incorporated a large number of venues throughout Enniscorthy.

With many of the gigs taking place in the early evening it meant that people of all ages were able to enjoy the music.

In that regard the festival provided a great platform for younger people to be introduced to the genres while later sessions provided great entertainment for the adults in attendance.

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