Tuesday 16 October 2018

90th Birthday Bash for Doyle's Pub!

Proprietor John Doyle with his son Joe and his faithful companion 'Lady'
Proprietor John Doyle with his son Joe and his faithful companion 'Lady'
Anne Dolyle, Denise Gordon, Joe Doyle and Sandra Hoare
Bo Jordan, Orla Furlong and Paddy Lennon
Jack Doyle, Owen Nolan, John Doran and Ed Doran
Ed Doran, Olive Jordan, Susan Earle and Katrina O'Connor

Pádraig Byrne

In this day and age, it's becoming tougher for businesses to stand the test of time. Shops open and close with hardly a passing glance from the public. However, one local business that's still going strong and smashing milestones as it goes is Doyle's of the Duffry.

A large crowd gathered at the landmark pub recently to celebrate 90 years since Joe Doyle first opened the doors and pulled a pint for thirsty customers there. However, the history of the pub itself goes even further back than that, with Doyles buying it from Jordan's of Ballindaggin and all the way back to the 1700s when it was a coach house.

Nowadays, the pub is under the ownership of Joe's children, John and Mary who were delighted to mark the occasion with a special party. The very definition of a 'family-run business', John's son Joe also works in the pub, along with a string of other family members.

'We've all done a stint working in Doyle's at some stage,' said John's niece, Anne. 'It's a real family business. We also have the likes of Sandra there who has worked there for nearly 30 years. You always see the same faces behind the bar and the same faces coming in the door too and it makes a lovely atmosphere.'

There was a wonderful celebratory atmosphere at the party as Reilly's Men played a storm with customers joining in from every part of the bar. A great night was had by all as they looked forward to another 90 years of craic at Doyles.

Enniscorthy Guardian