Sunday 22 April 2018

Plan to speed up Church Street

A PLAN to make Church Street easier to drive along was given the thumbs-up by Enniscorthy town councillors at their February meeting. The drawings presented by council engineer Mark Collins showed the footpath running in front of St Mary's church gone, allowing a wider carriageway.

A pedestrian crossing to the gate of the church and a slightly wider path on the other side of the street were also proposed, along with better lighting.

Town manager Tony Larkin reminded elected members that drivers proceeding up Church Street face a series of potential 'choke points' as they squeeze between the kerb on the left and parked vehicles on the right. He felt that the solution tabled by the engineer would make for a freer flow and also improve pedestrian safety.

Tony Larkin also stressed that church personnel had already been consulted on the matter. Cllr Johnny Mythen suggested that any new lights should be placed on buildings rather than poles.

The plan was given unanimous outline approval and the town manager said he would move on it straight away.