Sunday 25 February 2018

ParkLife - Lines beginning to blur


'All we have to do is keep our mouths shut D,' said Chuckle Mick as they helped each other to their feet.

Meanwhile, a furious Dragon Man leaned forward towards Vincent Blue and pointed a finger sternly at him 'This programme is a disgrace and so are you. Just look at the state of your hair'.

'You have some neck. Leave aside your membership of Fianna Fail and we know how they destroyed everyone. You were also associated with one of the great causes of evil in Irish society. An organisation which extracts money from the poorest in our society both through a totally unjust licence fee and also through scandalous premium rate telephone lines and to add insult to injury inflects pain and torture on them by broadcasting programmes like Dragon's Den, Celebrity Bainisteoir, Winning Streak and bloody Neighbours. You may try to hide your Fianna Fail past but you can't hide you RTE connections we have it on tape'.

'Vincent, Vincent,' pleaded the Dragon Man but Vincent turned to face the camera smiling, but as he was about to open his mouth Quango Mary jumped from her chair and appeared in front of him 'What about me, I didn't get a word in tonight,' she roared. 'So what,' said Vincent. 'I tell you what,' she replied, 'when my friends in the Broadcasting Authority hear about this the only time you'll be seen on television in future is in Reeling in the Years.'

'And the only way you'll see the Aras is if someone sends you a picture of it,' roared Vincent.

By then the credits had rolled, and there was no time for a goodnight.

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