Saturday 16 December 2017

God appears as a helpless child

Bishop Denis Brennan.
Bishop Denis Brennan.

AT CHRISTMAS, we recall and celebrate that our Creator did not abandon us when we received from God the gift of life. We have no control over the circumstances of that life we have all received. There is often heartbreak, tragedy and suffering in its many forms.

When God created us, in the image and likeness of the Most Holy Trinity, God did so that we would never be alone in our problems, dilemmas and worries. We have the backing of a community, the Trinity, that defeated Death and all that is evil, everything that conspires to destroy human beings.

The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, within the communion of Love we call God, took the decision to come among us as Jesus of Nazareth, the Child born at Bethlehem, in danger and vulnerable from the first moment of His presence in our world.

God has come to stay with us and will never leave us alone, in whatever pain and distress we are facing, for the 'Saviour of the World is born for us this day' (Post Communion Prayer of the Third Mass of Christmas Day).

'Saviour', 'salvation' – these words have their root in the Greek word 'soteria' and Latin 'salus', which refer to health and healing. Despite the many difficulties and challenges that face us, nationally and personally, God, Who has appeared among us as a helpless child, promises that we will never be left alone. God will help us and save us, will bring us all to health for all eternity.

The beauty of Christmas, its lights and festivities, is God gladdening us year by year, in anticipation of the resolution of all the pain that afflicts people and the whole world. We believe, we hope and we love.

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