Sunday 21 January 2018

Exchange AND for OR – to stop my yelling!

I WORSHIP the ground on which newsreader Michael Doyle walks. He is the very model of broadcasting clarity and excellence. Nevertheless, I find that the financial slot at lunch time on local radio is utterly wasted on me.

Here's the problem: Michael and his esteemed colleagues have a formula for presenting exchange rates which completely distracts me from the facts they are trying to convey. Am I the only one?

They tell listeners that their euro will buy them X pounds sterling and Y US dollars. My difficulty is with the AND.

There is no bureau de change in the world which will allow me two transactions with the one euro. I may acquire the X pound sterling with my hard earned euro or I may decide to invest in Y US dollars. There is no question of doing both with the same euro.

Each time I catch the bulletin, the AND sticks in my mind and the figures never do. I have been yelling at my radio for years, every time this illogical form of words is used.

It is OR not AND, I cry. But Michael and the rest have never heard me yet.

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