Friday 20 April 2018

5 things learned this week

Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl enters the history books as it receives its 10 millionth play on US radio. Van the Man said in a recent interview that he has written about 300 songs that are better - which is simply not true.

The actors that provide the voices behind The Simpsons characters are asked to take a 45 per cent pay-cut; the salary issue eventually being resolved with two more series of the show on the way, bringing it into its 25th season. What an achievement for a cartoon series, especially when its biggest fans are all grown up.

Wayne Rooney joins David Beckham, as the only players to have been sent off twice while playing for their country. The angst is part of what makes him the fine player that he is. Unfortunately, it won't make people like him all the more, should he care. England are lucky to have him.

Gary Barlow is hot stuff once again, taking the place of Simon Cowell as the eye candy on the X Factor judging panel. After the tough time he went through following Take That's break up in 1996, it is good to see the most talented, and under-appreciated, member of the group get his just desserts. Even if the show still misses Cowell, like the deserts miss the rain.

Sir Paul McCartney ties the knot for the third time, proving that despite riches, love is all you need. Eyecatcher of the wedding day was Ringo Starr, however. Coolness personified, as he turned up to wish his old mate all the best.