Wednesday 13 December 2017

'Wexford can do more'

Hook Lighthouse on Hook Peninsula.
Hook Lighthouse on Hook Peninsula.

The chairman of 'Visit Wexford', the county's tourism promotion team, has said there is 'a disconnect' among the commercial retail sector with the importance of tourism to the whole of Co Wexford.

Peter Wilson, who also heads up Whites Hotel in Wexford town, added that while he believed Co Wexford has a huge amount to offer holidaymakers, he did not think everyone was selling the same image or message.

'In West Cork, for example, the smallest little shop appreciates the importance of tourism and customer care because it is their business and the minute you walk through the door you are treated as a welcome guest, although that business may not be directly part of the hospitality trade at all,' he said.

The Visit Wexford team are working on a 'Customer Care Charter' which would involve businesses signing up to pledge the achievement of certain standards of basic customer care.

'There is an element of begrudgery still in Wexford of those who won't get involved or participate in projects and and then complain about other people's efforts,' he said

According to Peter, the food industry this summer is struggling, with many businesses finding it hard to make money, and a regrettable surge in restaurant closures. 'Still we have very many restaurants across the county just waiting to be discovered, and I have heard nothing but positive comments about food in Wexford,' he said.

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