Wednesday 21 August 2019

'Walk-out' during mass at cathedral over letter from bishop

Bishop Denis Brennan
Bishop Denis Brennan

Esther Hayden

A number of people walked out of Saturday evening mass in Enniscorthy as a pastoral letter to the diocese by Bishop Denis Brennan was being read out during the homily.

In the letter, Bishop Brennan urged the people of the diocese 'reflect before they change' the way marriage has worked for centuries. The bishop said that if the marriage referendum is passed on May 22 it will 'change the meaning of marriage in the Irish Constitution, and as understood by society for centuries'.

'If carried, the referendum will redefine our understanding of marriage, from a unique relationship different from all others, to being another adult relationship regardless of gender,' the letter read.

Bishop Brennan said children have 'a natural right to a mother and a father. Sometimes, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond everybody's control this does not obtain, but this is quite different from legislating to make it impossible for some.'

One woman who walked out of Mass said she 'couldn't in good conscience' have stayed having listened to the contents of the letter. 'It was nothing against Fr Lawless. He was only reading the letter. When he started speaking he talked about God and love and I thought it was going in the right direction and that they (the Church) were going to come into the 21st century, but then he read out the letter and I couldn't believe it. I couldn't in all conscience sit there and listen to it.

'I never thought I'd be someone that would walk out of Mass but I had to leave. I couldn't believe we were being told what way to vote. I got into such a temper I couldn't even stay and listen to it all.

'A couple of people walked out during it including some members of the choir.'

Enniscorthy Guardian