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Turkuts prepares to adapt to new way of doing things

More premises reopen as further Covid restrictions lifted


Tom Herlihy at Turkuts, Rafter Street, Enniscorthy

Tom Herlihy at Turkuts, Rafter Street, Enniscorthy

Tom Herlihy at Turkuts, Rafter Street, Enniscorthy

Opening up after the pandemic has caused a lot of changes to be necessary for businesses throughout Enniscorthy as they prepare to welcome customers back through the doors.

For Tom Herlihy at Turkuts barbers, in Rafter Street, it's a case of 'getting on with it' and adapting to a new way of doing things.

He said the staff will be adhering to all of the regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the premises.

'We are governed by the regulations and we will be adhering to them for everyone's sake,' said Tom.

The staff will be equipped with PPE including disposable gowns and clients will have to make appointments.

'We will also be keeping a record of who comes in so that contact tracing can be done if someone gets it [the virus],' said Tom.

'They are the guidelines we are adhering to,' he added.

With regard to changes Tom said: 'We would have had a waiting area for customers and that is now gone because of social distancing. We took out the waiting area so we can effectively manage social distancing.'

Clients will have to make appointments and Tom said: 'He will have to come in on his own, barring a small child, and we have one seat for a parent in that situation.'

There will also be hand sanitisers for clients when they enter the premises.

'We will be cleaning down the stations after each customer and disposing of our own gear and putting on new gear for the next customer,' said Tom.

All of the staff are also fully Covid-19 trained and are equipped with the skills necessary to ensure the overall safety of everyone who enters the premises.

'Before we could have a turnover of 20 people per hour and now that will be down to 10 per hour,' said Tom.

'We can only cater for half of the normal appointments to allow for clean down,' he added.

'It's new for everybody and all we can do is accept it and make the best of it.'

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