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Town anglers to cast again

ENNISCORTHY salmon anglers are back casting their hooks into the Slaney loaded after reaching an agreement with Inland Fisheries Ireland. And the local angling club has come to an agreement with the IFI not to over-fish the river when the waters in the river are running low.

Enniscorthy Local Anglers Association has been celebrating the lifting of IFI'S threatened ban on the use of shrimp as bait to catch the prized salmon. The proposal was lifted after Cllr. Jackser Owens highlighted the issue at the Town Council and Chief Whip Paul Kehoe worked behind the scenes to set up a meeting between the two sides.

The result of their deliberations, which were attended by local IFA inspector Stephen Byrne, was an agreed policy restricting the number of salmon rods allowed at times of low water. As a result, signs have been erected along the banks from the old bridge in Enniscorthy downstream to the Riverside Park hotel.

The signs remind those wishing to hook a salmon that no more than 15 rods will be allowed at any one time on this stretch when the water is running low. Anglers are also informed that all fish must be returned promptly into the Slaney.

According to Enniscorthy Local Anglers committee member Kris Murphy, returns so far this year have been slim, with just one fish - a seven pounder - hauled to the bank up to the middle of last week since the season started on Saint Patrick's Day. However, he was generally optimistic about the state of salmon stocks.

An Enniscorthy town fishing licence costs €58 and people are asked to ring (087)6005188 with queries about joining the angling association.