Sunday 21 July 2019

Students take action over traffic concerns

A lollipop man on duty at the entrance to Colaiste Bride
A lollipop man on duty at the entrance to Colaiste Bride

Brendan Keane

The students in Coláiste Bríde, Enniscorthy, have taken a pro-active approach to traffic management by raising concerns about road safety with the school's board of management and staff.

The students were concerned that with increasing numbers in the school and the resulting increase in daily traffic at dropping off and picking up times there was an increased risk of someone getting knocked down.

The Student Council approached the Principal Kiera O'Sullivan to see if something could be done.

Speaking to this newspaper Ms O'Sullivan said the implementation of the new traffic plan was spearheaded by the students themselves and she praised them for it.

'There were concerns for quite a while and the school is getting bigger and so too is the number of students in it,' said Ms O'Sullivan.

'There is also a greater volume of traffic and it used to be two-way and that was a big issue. We had to sit up and take notice when they are our own students coming to us.'

Ms O'Sullivan sent a letter out to parents notifying them about the changes and a lollipop man was also appointed.

Ms O'Sullivan highlighted the fact there is no problem with parents dropping their children to the door of the school as long as it is outside of the 20 minute period prior to the school opening in the morning and 20 minutes before the school closes in the evening.

Parents are not permitted to drive up the school avenue outside of that time-frame.

However, Ms O'Sullivan said there may be exceptional circumstances which will be facilitated if and when they arise.

'For us the big thing is not having anything happen [to a student],' she said.

'When the girls themselves tell you something like this you cannot turn a blind eye,' she added.

'They feel they should be safe inside here and they are right,' said Ms O'Sullivan.

'We want everyone to stay safe.'

Enniscorthy Guardian