Tuesday 23 July 2019

Students happy as exams kick off

Lauren Sinnott and Sinead Rek at Coláiste Bríde.
Lauren Sinnott and Sinead Rek at Coláiste Bríde.

Brendan Keane

The broad consensus of students in Enniscorthy who spoke to this newspaper about this year's leaving certificate exams was that, so far, the tests are going according to plan.

In St Mary's CBS the students expressed satisfaction with how both the leaving and junior certificate exams are going.

In particular the students were happy with how the English paper went on Thursday afternoon, although, some were complaining about aching arms after writing non-stop for three hours and twenty minutes.

Principal, John Ryan, also commented on the exams and said: 'They were particularly pleased with the poets who came up for them. Yeats, Kenneally, Bishop and Platt were among the favoured poets they had prepared.'

One of the students, Declan Cullen, also expressed satisfaction at how the geography paper went: 'It went very well, nice paper, couldn't have asked for better'.

The leaving certificate pupils in Coláiste Bríde also expressed satisfaction with how the exams were progressing.

Amy Long, from Ballyhogue, said the English exam went according to plan: 'Everyone was looking for Platt and she came up so that was good.'

Aine O'Neill, from Tomnalossett, and Lauren Sinnott, from Oulart, also said the exams were going good 'so far'.

However, they did say there were issues with the structure of the Home Economics paper which was unlike the model they had worked on for six months.

Sinead Reck, from Oylegate, also commented on the Home Economics paper and said: 'The layout was completely different.'

Lauren agreed and commented: 'We were hoping for certain things to come up but they didn't.'

Sinead also commented that the geography and maths exams should not be on the same day.

Chloe Kavanagh, from Oylegate, said: 'You spend six months preparing certain things and then it's completely different.'

For Aoife O'Brien, from Glenbrien, things were going according to plan.

'Everything has been ok for so far, so that's good,' she said.

'Geography was easier than I expected so that was also good,' she added.

'A lot of the questions were predicted so that helps a lot too.'

Tanya McVeigh, from Bree, was also happy with how the exams were going, when we visited on Friday.

'Everything has been good so far,' she said.

'I was dreading geography but it turned out to be really good.'

Students in FCJ Bunclody also expressed satisfaction with the geography exam and said it was 'a much more manageable paper than the mocks'.

They were also happy with the English Paper 2 and the engineering exam which they said: 'Didn't throw up any real surprises'.

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