Friday 19 January 2018

'Strange' man is accosting shop workers



FEMALE EMPLOYEES of shops in Wexford town have been terrorised by a man lurking around retail outlets on the Main Street.

The gardai have received complaints from frightened shop assistants who were followed and verbally abused by the man.

One young woman who works in Claire's Accessories was approached by him as she left the North Main Street premises last Thursday evening.

He made a purchase in the shop earlier in the day and waited outside as she left work.

He asked her to go for a drink and when she refused, he followed her along the street, shouting at her.

She was so shaken by the incident that she reported it to the gardai.

A female employee of fashion shop Vila was closing the premises at about 7 p.m. the same evening when she noticed the same man acting strangely.

She became alarmed when she saw him marching up and down by the boutique several times.

She felt so scared that she telephoned one of her colleagues to come and meet her.

'It was his whole demeanour, he was dressed in black and was behaving very suspiciously,' said Cora, the manager of Vila who contacted the gardai.

When the friend arrived, the man who is believed to be in his 40's, sat on a window sill across the street staring at them.

He returned on Friday and Saturday and was seen walking by Vila several times.

'It's very disconcerting, especially in the evening when it's getting dark said Cora.

'I would usually have no problem leaving the store by myself but since this, we're making sure that we leave in a group, she said.

Female employees of Penney's have also been intimidated by the same male.

And on Friday evening, a young woman working in Lifestyle Sports became frightened when he stared at her persistently through the shop window.

She was so disturbed that she asked one of her male colleagues to walk with her when she finished work.

Gardai are investigating the incidents and taking statements from the witnesses.

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