Wednesday 17 January 2018

Stolen dog turns up – in Bristol!


TWELVE-YEAR-OLD Catherine Broaders and her dad Gar Doyle had a good reason to smile this week, after being informed that one of their stolen dogs had turned up safe and sound in a housing estate in Bristol.

Two dogs, Tipp and Bullet, were taken from Gar Doyle's house in the Duffry last February. Tipp, a wire fox terrier, was found wandering around the Duffry area a fortnight after he was stolen. But Bullet, a Welsh terrier, remained missing until being picked up by a dog warden in England last week. The warden scanned Bullet's microchip and was then able to track down the owners. A CHRISTMAS miracle came early last week as the second of two pedigree dogs which were stolen from an Enniscorthy house in February was found safe and sound in England.

Two dogs, Tipp and Bullet, were taken from Gar Doyle's house in the Duffry in February. The two prize winning dogs were being looked after by Gar's 12-year-old daughter Catherine Broaders, and had won prizes in competitions all across Ireland.

Tipp, a wire fox terrier, was found a fortnight after he was stolen, wandering around the Duffry area. However, Bullet, a Welsh terrier, who belongs to champion dog breeder Cara Devani from England, remained missing. Catherine and her parents Gar and Tina were delighted last week when they heard that Bullet had been picked up in a housing estate in Bristol.

'It's amazing to be lucky enough to get the two of them back safe and sound,' Catherine's mother Tina Broaders said. ' It really is a miracle. Bullet was recovered by a dog warden in Bristol and when he scanned the microchip they were able to track ourselves and Cara down. He looked a bit skinny and his nails had gotten long, but thankfully he's fine.'

Breeder, Ms Devani has now taken Bullet back to her home in England where he will recuperate and get ready to compete in further competitions.

'Catherine is absolutely floating,' Tina said. ' She's over the moon. ' Tipp was the dog that she was showing for the junior handlers competition, so once he was returned she continued competing, but Bullet was always in the back of her mind. She set up a couple of Facebook pages to try and find him and she never gave up. She's competing with Tipp in the junior handlers next week and now she can do it with a clear head knowing that Bullet is safe and well.'

Tina believes the dogs were taken as part of an what is becoming an increasing trade in stolen pedigree dogs across Ireland and Britain. 'I think there's definitely a trend there,' she said. 'Dogs are going missing all over Ireland and England and being sold on. They have no regard for the distress that they cause the families whose pets they are taking. It's frightening how easy dogs can be taken out of Ireland and sold on in England, but we were lucky enough to get both dogs back. Unfortunately not everybody is so lucky. It's like winning the lotto.'

Now that both dogs have been recovered safe and sound, Catherine will be looking forward to getting both of them back in the parade ring and hopefully winning more trophies.

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