Tuesday 16 January 2018

St. Senan's hospital 'not fit for human habitation'


INSPECTORS from the Mental Health Commission have lambasted conditions in St. Senan's Psychiatric Hospital as preparations are made to move the last patients out in 2013.

In its latest report, the commission described the building as 'impressive from the outside but inside was dilapidated, depressing and not fit for human habitation'. When the inspectors called in 2010, the wards were found to be cramped and run down while patients were often denied privacy.

'An old Victorian building that was not fit for purpose' was the conclusion, though the authors of the report stressed that staff in St. Senan's maintained a high level of clinical care in their treatment of residents, despite the walls with peeling paint and the run down bathrooms.'

In 2009, there were 102 beds in the hospital overlooking the N11 south of Enniscorthy.

This number dropped to 85 in 2010 and there are now fewer than 50 patients resident in a complex that now has more offices than beds.

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